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24 Crypto podcasts covering tips from industry experts, along with reviews of projects making moves in the market today

Crypto Podcasts
Whether you’re craving crypto conversation or a blockchain beginner searching for answers, podcasts can help you delve into the inner workings of this new economic space without having to read reems of content. As technology is advancing, jargon words are being thrown around quicker than you can keep up. A thirsty ear for some of the hottest crypto and blockchain podcasts will help you to keep one foot in the door on a regular basis.

Crypto podcasts span a variety of topics, from investment advice to tech-driven current affairs, with each designed to target a specific audience. While many crypto podcasts started off as playgrounds to promote Bitcoin, this has branched out to audio content covering interviews with crypto entrepreneurs and influencers, tips and tricks from industry experts, and in-depth reviews of coins and projects making moves in the market today.

To help you get started, we’ve given you a rundown of our top 25 crypto podcasts that we’re listening to. Hosted by some of the most dominant faces in the crypto space, you’ll find there’s something for everyone in this mix.

Invest Like the Best

An investment-based crypto podcast, the host, Patrick O’Shaughnessy is a portfolio manager at O’Shaughnessy Asset Management. His style is clear and easy to follow, using interviews to unpack technology in relation to each industry niche. The initial three episodes help newbies get to grips with crypto trading and the basics of blockchain, while the following shows feature one-to-one conversations with a diverse range of experts across various industries sectors. Episodes delve into some hefty topics and how crypto may influence these, such as geopolitics, culture, scarcity economics, and global leadership. These are interspersed with episodes that give important advice, tools, and insights into crypto investing.


Unchained is a fortnightly podcast focused on crypto education, helping listeners to understand how this new economic tool will change the way we think about and use money. The Host, Laura Shin, is a Senior Editor at Forbes, which has positioned her well to receive quite high profile guests for interviewing - such as Vitalik Buterin and Dan Romero. Her journalistic background and experience in the field are showcased through her poignant questions and ability to get to the heart of the subject, while keeping a compelling pace. There are some episodes for beginners, while others will satisfy those with more education on the subject.

Block Zero

Block Zero is hosted by Kevin Rose, an influential technology expert and top angel investors in next-generation projects. This podcast is very technologically driven, with Rose speaking to crypto developers and builders to get insights into intriguing upcoming projects. For those interested in seeing what new in the crypto space from a tech or investment standpoint, Rose’s podcast is an exceptional platform for promoting innovative new ideas.

The Bitcoin Podcast Network

Starting out as an independent media source back in 2015, The Bitcoin Podcast Network has evolved into long-form conversational podcast episodes that have been downloaded over 1 million times. While it has Bitcoin at its nucleus, this podcast brings a varied spin on crypto, helping those with little technological basis to understand the conceptual grounding of blockchain and cryptocurrency. The hosts come from all different high-level academic backgrounds, from computer science to marketing, mathematics, chemical physics, robotics, and investment. This helps to craft the diverse viewpoints, that make this such a shrewd journey into the world of blockchain and crypto. The weekly chats cover current affairs in the tech space, with a specific eye on what’s happening with blockchain businesses and crypto investing.

The Blockchain and Us

Manuel Stagars hosts this podcast as a platform for entrepreneurs and innovators to divulge stories from their own experiences in the crypto space. Presented in an easy-to-digest manner, this podcast prides itself on its accessibility, with an aim to stimulate the average person into seeing the beauty and potential of crypto technology. Available on a whole host of platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, CastBox and PodBean, this show dives into the people behind the projects, with an eye to stimulate critical thinking in all areas for better innovation.


One of the most popular blockchain podcasts, this idea-driven show gives space for industry professionals to hash out their views on blockchain technology and how it can develop to solve some of the biggest problems of today. Hosted by Sebastian CoutureBrian Fabian Crain, and Meher Roy, the threesome probe some of the most prestigious thinkers in the crypto space to piece together a picture of the future. With episodes released on a weekly basis, you’ll find yourself more than just inspired by some of the most brilliant minds driving this industry, such as Dr Ben Goertzel, Nadav Hollander, and Jameson Lopp. If you’re looking to jump down the rabbit hole, Epicenter is the podcast to choose.

The Bad Crypto Podcast

A podcast for crypto newbies, this show is hosted by technologists and enthusiasts, Travis Wright and Joel Comm. The podcast is released on a weekly basis and systematically explores importance blockchain and crypto-based topics, breaking down the complexity of the concepts to a beginner level. You’ll find episodes covering ICOs, blockchain, Bitcoin, altcoins, Ethereum, and so on, while their Crypto Spotlight hones in on projects you should be following and new ICOs on the market.

Crypto Cousins

Crypto Cousins is not trying to advise on crypto investments - in fact, they make a big point of warning their listeners about the dangers of investing in such a high-risk asset. Instead, the host, Gary LeLand, is attempting to paint a comprehensive picture of the future in which technology is behind the wheel. The shows pull together multi-disciplinary ideas to help formulate a view of the world based on what we can achieve through this milestone technology and its accompanying breakthrough projects. Each episode is co-hosted with another crypto thinker, including entrepreneurs, founders, evangelists, and enthusiasts, helping LeLand to unwind the thread of conversation, leading to astute, well-rounded discussions that cover much of the politics, philosophy, and overall direction of the crypto space.

The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast

Organized in interview format, this podcast is hosted by Trace Mayer, a monetary scientist. An early adopter and evangelist of Bitcoin, Mayer uses this platform to promote the necessity of blockchain and crypto in our world, alongside helpful hints on how to achieve success in the crypto space. The podcast has gained an exceptional following due to the high-profile guests featured on the show - such as Dr Christian Decker, Brock Pierce, and Dr Adam Back. For those looking to educate themselves on the most dynamic projects of today, this podcast makes space for CEOs to explain their projects as well as discussing the solutions it provides and the ways in which the world will be shaped.

Coin Mastery

Coin Mastery is the go-to place for staying updated on cryptocurrency news, as well as insights into market shifts. Carter Thomas, marketing wizard and crypto investor, gives a concise daily lowdown on what’s happening in the crypto arena and why it’s important to you. This podcast is definitely angled toward traders, providing audio tools that breakdown investing concepts to new traders. However, while this podcast is great for those looking to begin their crypto trading journey, one really needs a prior understanding of blockchain technology to understand everything that’s talked about on the show. If you’re looking for trading tips and market updates, listen to this podcast.

Crypto Street Podcast

Hosted by three prominent Twitter crypto influencers (@CryptoDale@K1llerWh4le, and @13Prince31), this podcast prods and probes market trends in the crypto industry, addressing some of the key issues, hurdles and high points influencing these ups and downs. This is a very opinion-based podcast but you’ll find it to be injected with a great deal of humour, providing for very entertaining discussion on quite complex ideas. Each episode has a guest conversationalist, ranging from successful crypto traders to developers, CEOs, influencers, analysts, and angel investors.

Coin Talk

A relatively new cryptocurrency-based podcast, Coin Talk describes itself as being “about Bitcoin and shitcoins and everything entertaining happening in cryptocurrencies." Hosts, Aaron Lammer and Jay Caspian Kang, became extremely excited by the prospects that crypto held for the world, but made many of the common errors that investors and evangelists make in the beginning. In response, they host this podcast to educate others, in the hope of shielding them from the same pitfalls. The hour-long discussions delve into new coins on the market and pick apart their businesses to understand how worthwhile the projects are for investment and for the world’s advancement. It’s a little more light-hearted than some of the intense debates held on hardcore crypto podcasts, but the enthusiastic pair make for good listening surrounding the tech of today.

Off the Chain

Off The Chain focuses on the founders and entrepreneurs behind blockchain projects. This show features a whole range of bright sparks in blockchain, who talk openly about the pros and cons of the industry, the hurdles they’ve experienced, and the progression they’re seeing. For investors, this podcast gives a more personal insight into the inner workings of companies, as well as showdowns of blockchain’s business people dishing the dirt on other personalities in the industry. Hosted by Anthony Pompliano, a finance and capital expert, the show manages to keep on track well thanks to his dynamic steering of conversations. If you’re looking to get behind the scenes of crypto companies to understand how they’re working on a more private and personal level, this podcast helps you get into the heads of the inventors to see what they have planned for the future.

What Bitcoin Did

Supported by a blog of the same name, this podcast is hosted by Peter McCormack, and early adopter and evangelist. Having launched in 2017, McCormack is an old-hand at interviewing high profile crypto influencers, thinkers, and innovators - getting them to discuss their thoughts on how the industry will move forward, why they think it’s important, and what the future will look like. This show has become so popular that there are now two releases a week, featuring top names like Laura Shin, Max Keiser, and Jameson Lopp. Topics covered range from marketing techniques to regulation, cryptography, market manipulation, censorship, and scams. This is a great place to hear from some of the sharpest thinkers in the industry, without them being too confined by structure.

Ledger Cast

While Ledger Cast has a broad spectrum of topics, this podcast has a very analytical spin. Episodes tend to unweave the technical aspects of projects in order to analyse their investment potential, supporting this with trading analysis on general market trends. Hosted by Ledger Status, it’s no wonder this has such an analytical edge, as he is well known for his comprehensive tech analyses of different cryptoassets and cryptocurrencies. If you’re looking to find out more about where to trade your cash for crypto, this is a good place to start.

Bitgenstein’s Table

This podcast takes a different crypto route, entering into philosophical debate on the blockchain and crypto worlds. Using 1000s of years of human thinking, this podcast tries to apply some of this wisdom to predict and analyse how crypto will fare for the world. Looking through the social science lens, this podcast explore economics, history, sociology, psychology, and philosophy to paint a clearer picture of crypto’s function and its fate. In doing this, host - Peter Kaey - hopes we can make better decisions on which direction we need to to take to find future-proof solutions.

Crypto Till Infinity

This podcast has a slightly different feel to it as it likes to break up the endless conversation with some funk, soul, and hip hop, to keep you grooving while you explore crypto. The amalgamation of blockchain conversation and music is a refreshing touch, while topics are very wide ranging which keeps repetition at bay. While investment strategies tend to feature quite often, this blog tends to look at how blockchain tech can be applied in real world scenarios that affect the everyday person - such as in commerce, to help music festivals, and in response to unemployment. If you’re searching for a lighter atmosphere, try this podcast out.

This Week in Crypto

This podcast has a very journalistic format to it, covering all the latest news in the blockchain industry. The podcast also works as a handy educational tool to help new listeners harness a better understanding of the technology, while also divulging a few tips and tricks for better trading - although they strongly profess that they are not giving financial advice. The podcast also features interviews with prominent crypto figures, where host, Jose Mota, grills his guests on how they’re shaping the face of technology today. If you’re looking for educational resources, mixed in with current affairs, this is a great tool to keep you in the loop.

Blockchain Innovation

Hosted by Frederick Munawa, a blockchain consultant for financial services and entrepreneurs, Blockchain Innovation is another interview-based podcast. Munawa focuses his interviews on speaking with academics, founders, and executives in the blockchain industry. His conversations tend to focus on how the application of crypto can increase efficiency, cut costs, and disrupt conventional business processes to make way for improvements. Munawa encourages his guests to share their business models as a springboard for listeners, as well as providing tactics and strategies for creating their own rock solid business plans. Podcasts are released every Tuesday and are a must if you’re a crypto entrepreneur.

The Blockchain Show

In order to promote widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies, Steve Anderson, Mark Beauchamp, Ian Collins, Ethan Kinderknecht, and Sarah Hempfling are hosting this educative podcast for beginners and explorers of blockchain and crypto. Aiming to make this technology more accessible, the hosts unravel the complex facets of this new industry to provide straightforward guidance on how to traverse the space. The podcast branches out into discussing new projects and how their applications can change the state of the society and economy, while also promoting projects they feel are worthwhile. If you’re a newbie or finding it hard to grasp the intricacies and nuances of the tech and its implications - go here.


With a focus on economic models and financial systems, Evolvement is hosted by Michael Nye, a mobile app entrepreneur and crypto enthusiast. In his podcast, he sits down with some influential entrepreneurs in the crypto space, with the aim of discussing how crypto tech will help us to reimagine new financial models for a more secure future economy. Topics include future adoption, regulation, distribution, securities and so on. This podcast comes with a weekly newsletter as well and is a great place to go if you’re financially minded or would like to explore economic revolution.

Coloring Crypto

Coloring Crypto is hosted by Gabe Colors, an artist-come-entrepreneur. Bringing his experience of color studies and startup management to the table, Colors is looking to educate crypto skeptics and beginners to help create better awareness of what crypto can do for the future. His podcast is set up in a conversational style, where he deliberates with visionaries, thinkers, founders, and enthusiasts on how this tech can be applied in a forward-thinking way. Having featured the likes of Bill Ottman (the founder of Minds), Taylor Monohan (CEO of MyCrypto), Amy Wan (CEO of Sagewise), Coloring Crypto is fast becoming an impressively diverse podcast that tours various industry sectors across the crypto spectrum to help showcase what we can really do.


Ben Rees and Kevin Basham, marketing expert and entrepreneur respectively, are bringing you UK’s most popular crypto podcast. With a focus on empowering listeners to make better crypto choices, this podcast features expert tips and educative lessons on how to understand the industry better and take advantages of its benefits. Through specialist interviews and back-and-forth conversation, this podcast is a jargon-free look at the innovations that already exist, as well as pontifications and predictions about what’s to come. What’s great about this podcast, is that those in the VIP community can ask direct questions.

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