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The Top 20 Crypto YouTube Channels In 2020

If you’re itching to learn more about cryptocurrencies, mining, blockchain technology, and trading, YouTube videos give you the full sensory experience. Using Q&A sessions, how-tos, and open conversations, Youtube channels and influencers serve up useful industry insights and expert opinion.

Don’t waste your time shopping around with poor quality crypto YouTubers — check out these top picks of the best crypto YouTube channels in 2020.


With a heavy focus toward Bitcoin, DataDash’s 350K subscribers follow the channel for updates regarding Bitcoin, including potential threats, news, analysis, and comparisons. DataDash does venture outside the crypto industry as well, with videos that cover stock market trends, political shifts, and finance. If you’re looking to get medium-length hard-hitting analysis on more than just the crypto industry, this is a great channel for blockchain and general economic analysis.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is one of the most recognizable names in the crypto world. Long-standing Bitcoin evangelists, Andreas’ channel has well over 200K subscribers and graces viewers with keynotes and talks that unpack Andreas’ opinion on all aspects of the industry, from trends to tokens. He is known as one of the top technology educators in the space and manages to stay very neutral in his analysis. The channel also has some great conversations and debates with other founders and visionaries, most often regarding Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Ivan on Tech

Hosted by Swedish-based Ivan Liljeqvist, this is one of the most popular crypto YouTube channels right now. A software developer and YouTube tech celeb, Ivan covers macro topics regarding the crypto and blockchain space. Updated nearly every day, the 250K subscribers enjoy Ivan’s insights into political shifts and crypto industry changes that affect the markets. Ivan also offers thought-provoking interviews with some of the best minds in the crypto space, including Dan Larimer, Richard Heart, and Roger Ver.

Alt Coin Daily

Alt Coin Daily is your source for daily videos on news, market analysis, education, perspecitive and opinion. Founders of the channel, brothers Aaron & Austin Arnold a clear Bitcoin Fundamentalists, and use alt coin trading as a way to build their Bitcoin stack. Their daily coverage of the latest news in the cryptoverse and occasional interviews with prominent members of the crypto community have amased them a subscriber base of over 250K.

Box Mining

Box Mining offers a stream of weekly analysis that covers all the latest news in the blockchain industry. Aimed to dejargonize the crypto industry, Box Mining has over 215K subscribers who tune in to watch Micheal Gu’s passionate charm and varied content. With a comprehensive range of interviews, Gu tends to aim his focus toward showcasing how blockchain solutions can shape the future world.

Altcoin Buzz

Altcoin Buzz is a super popular crypto YouTube channel, with over 210K subscribers. Boasting a large community, Altcoin Buzz is also popular on Telegram and Twitter as the community’s engagement is very high. Discussing upcoming trends and future applications of blockchain, as well as market shifts and coin analyses, this channel encompasses a wide array of crypto topics. This is a top option for those looking to diversify their crypto portfolio are considering exploring altcoins.

Coin Bureau

The Coin Bureau is your essential informational portal to the world of Cryptocurrencies & Forex. Their team of analysts conduct regular coin, exchange and broker reviews. These are able to help you navigate the often murky cryptocurrency markets. Their team of traders conduct in depth analysis into crypto and forex markets. Coin Bureau does not run any ads on thier videos because it is thier goal to provide high quality information, without the presence of third party influence.

The Modern Investor

Relatively new, The Modern Investor has gained traction quickly as Youtube crypto favorite, amassing over 160K subscribers in a short space of time. This Youtube Channel aims to assist crypto traders in making a profit by offering up a catalog of crypto resources to learn trading methods and blockchain project background. The videos are concise and to the point, while screen sharing to walk viewers through various practical steps.

Crypto Lark

Presented with a light-hearted flavor, Crypto Lark’s witty style uses humor to inject life into his articulate explorations into tech disruption and blockchain solutions. Hosted by New Zealand-based crypto sensation, Lark Davis, this YouTube channel offers a good mix of insight and advice. Helping users learn to trade, make passive income, and get paid in Bitcoin, the nearly 150K subscribers get a front seat to Lark’s expert methods. His channel also offers in-depth Q&As with top crypto personalities, political posts regarding market trends, and cryptocurrency news.


One of the most prolific names in the ‘crypto-YouTube world’, Omar Bahm presents a smash-hit channel for consistently high-quality crypto content. With nearly 120K subscribers, Omar combines his 8 years vlogging experience with eloquent crypto analysis to create well-produced regular interviews, news, and Q&As. Omar’s interviews at crypto events bring a unique slant to this channel, as he gets the latest news in action from the heart of the crypto community.

Ellio Trades Crytpo

Ellio Trades is one of the fastest growing up and coming Crypto Youtubers out there. His well polished videos, thorough analysis of altcoins have been and relatability with his fans have all been key drivers of his growth. Ellio tends to focus on small cap cryptocurrencies with a higher risk to reward profile. His fans love him for his 10 - 100x perdictions on certain small cap coins. Although Ellio plays in the riskier markets of small caps, we have to say, he does his research and brings forth solid plays in the market.

Bob Loukas

Bob Loukas is an experienced trader with over 25+ years experience who foucses on Bitcoin, Crypto and Gold Markets. He also occasionally covers traditional investments such as US Equitites, Forex and Crude Oil. His primary trading tool is the study of market cycles and has been tracking and following cycles for over 15 years. His series called the 4 year journey is a step-by-step guide through the current Bitcoin cycle.

Crypto Zombie

Crypto Zombie mostly handles cryptocurrency reviews but also keeps viewers updated on news and trends, mostly to do with Bitcoin. While there are ICO presentations and altcoin analyses, Crypto Zombie’s bread and butter lies in its up-to-date Bitcoin feed and analysis on the trends in the Bitcoin market. This channel is quite technical and probably wouldn’t suit beginner listeners, but if you’re comfortable with financial charts, Crypto Zombie provides quick-fire market explanations to their 85K subscribers on a near-to daily basis.

Crypto Bobby

Supplying fresh content several times a week. Rob Paone, the host of Crypto Bobby, delves into emerging blockchain solutions. His laid-back style is matched by his expertise, and his enthusiasm as a founder is refreshing. Crypto Bobby breaks down complex concepts, compares coins, and explores new projects in a casual and beginner-friendly style. With over 130K subscribers, his channel is a great place to start for new crypto traders and blockchain enthusiasts.


Dubbed Suppoman as he considers himself a Crypto Superhero, this channel has a quirky style that sets it apart from the rest. With over 130K subscribers, Suppoman brings viewers the pros and cons of various altcoins, supported by a plethora of news and updates each week. Offering a Udemy Course, Suppoman can sometimes be a little salesy. If you can get past this, he offers a fun way to learn about crypto, from the ground up.

The Chart Guys

More than just a crypto YouTube channel, The Chart Guys is for stock traders who are seeking a technical analysis of trends in the blockchain market. With a big community, this channel teachers viewers to get to grips with trading tools and methods, as well as providing deep-dive explanations into various projects within the industry. With 129K subscribers, The Chart Guys is the place to learn serious trading across the whole market.

Ian Balina

Ian Balina is a familiar face to everyone in the crypto space. A highly-acclaimed expert on cryptocurrency and blockchain, Ian Balina has been an influencer and an evangelist from the very beginning. Having worked for IBM, Balina founded 100X Advisors and sits on a wealth of advisory boards for various tech projects. His YouTube channel is undoubtedly technology-based, exploring the applications of blockchain and its possibilities. One great thing from this channel is that viewers can find out Ian’s top picks for cryptocurrencies, to help with trading decisions.

Crypto Daily

Crypto Daily is a super chilled YouTube channel for crypto lovers. The host is sarcastic and witty, bringing an entertaining edge to the daily crypto news. One of the major bonuses of this channel is that the host timestamps the video, so you can skip to the sections that are of interest to you This is a great time-saving tool and means you can come back later when you have more time. Crypto Daily also, strangely, gives you their top selection of crypto music videos!

Chico Crypto

Hosted by Tyler Swope, an expert crypto consultant, this channel is supported by Chico Crypto Consultants. The videos are clear and concise, lasting only 10 minutes a pop. This YouTube favorite gives clear guidance on different altcoins, delving into the advantages and disadvantages without rambling on for hours! Aimed at all knowledge levels, Chico Crypto’s channel offers free consultancy through YouTube, without the jargon.

The Arcane Bear

Hosted from the jungle in Costa Rica, The Arcane Bear is hosted by Tijo. Though the whole channel is a bit of a mish-mash of crypto insights and charity work, the blockchain videos are engaging and insightful. Exploring possibilities for financial and real-world self-sustainability using cryptocurrency, The Arcane Bear analyses revolutionary projects in the industry. Perhaps more mystical or ‘hippie’ than other channels, Tijo’s passion is geared toward helping others learn, which he aims to do through his informative videos.

Sunny Decree

Sunny Decree focuses on coin analytics but without being boring. The videos are far from dry, with an entertaining edge to both the tech and business side of blockchain projects. The host, Sunny Decree, updates the channel with at least 5 videos a week, meaning new content regularly. With more than 88K subscribers, Sunny gives well-thought-out advice, actionable methodology, and clear insights into various projects and trends.

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