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In individual files for easy reference, CryptoList includes:

4,438 x Crypto Companies
A list of 4,438 crypto companies you need to know. Use this list for your own research, or simply to learn more about the crypto ecosystem.
Funded Crypto Companies
A seperate list of 254 crypto companies that have raised ourside funding in the past 6 months. Includes funding amount, type, and date of the fund raise.
584 x Crypto Investors
584 of the most influential VCs and funds in crypto, all in one place. Use this list to start your outreach research, or build relationships with high-quality investors.
349 x Crypto Exchanges
Use this list to identify which crypto exchanges might be worth your time, or to conduct outreach for your next crypto project.
276 x Crypto News Outlets
If you’re looking to gain exposure for your next crypto project, this hand-researched list of 276 news outlets will save you hundreds of hours.
612 x Crypto Journalists
Looking to drum up some press for your next crypto project? Leverage this list of crypto journalists to kick off your outreach efforts.
110 x Crypto Reddit Groups
Reddit has a vibrant crypto community, and these 110 crypto groups are some of the most active on the site. It’s a great place to join the crypto conversation.
760 x Crypto Facebook Groups
Facebook Groups are a great way to get involved in the crypto community and learn from others along the way. Check out these 760 groups before joining any others.
100 x Crypto Telegram Groups
Telegram Groups are a great way to get involved in the crypto community and learn from others along the way. Check out these 100 groups before joining any others.

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