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Company Funding (USD) Funding Type
$5MSeries A
$4MSeries B
$660MSeries G
$50MSeries C
$12MSeries A
$2.8MSeries A
$3.4MSeries A
$17MSeries A
$3.3MSeries A
$13MSeries B
$23MSeries A
$3.5MSeries A
$2.6MSeries A
$4MSeries A
$20.5MSeries A
$5MSeries A
$10.8MSeries A
$14.5MSeries B
$300MSeries B
$12MSeries A
$10MSeries A
$5MSeries B
$28MSeries A
$30MSeries B
$13MSeries A
$16.7MSeries B
$2MSeries A
$3.8MSeries A
$17.6MSeries A
$7MSeries A
$31.2MSeries A

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