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March 18,2023

Microsoft Reportedly Testing New Built-In Crypto Wallet

Microsoft is reportedly working on an Ethereum crypto wallet built into its Edge browser, allowing users to send and receive crypto and NFTs without the need for additional extensions. The wallet is currently in limited testing and is a non-custodial solution, providing users complete control over their funds.

According to BleepingComputer, this experimental Edge browser feature was discovered by the pseudonymous software documenter Albacore. Microsoft, in collaboration with Consensys, shall also provide a built-in crypto swap feature between $ETH, $DAI, $UNI, $USDC, and $USDT.

Moreover, the public keys of the Edge Crypto Wallet enable users to receive payments and they must also keep secret private keys in order to authorize transactions. The wallet appears to be in its early stages for now, with access granted only to Microsoft Edge Dev Channel users.

Also, Microsoft emphasized that during the onboarding process, it would not have access to passwords or recovery keys. To secure and recover their crypto wallet, testers must create a password and a 12-word recovery phrase.

When the onboarding process is finished, the wallet generates an Ethereum address for receiving funds, and multiple Ethereum accounts are also supported by the Edge Crypto Wallet. Users can also connect to dApps and read the latest crypto news. Lastly, there are some indications that support for a Bitcoin wallet may be added in the future.

March 16,2023

Uniswap Officially Expands To BNB After Successful Governance Proposal

Uniswap, the biggest decentralized exchange protocol by trade volume, has launched on BNB Chain, a decentralized EVM-compatible smart contract blockchain founded by Binance. The move follows a successful governance proposal to deploy on BNB Chain in February, as well as contentious governance deliberations to determine a bridge solution for the deployment.

With this expansion, Uniswap Protocol users will be able to trade and swap tokens across the network by taking advantage of the comparatively low transaction fees of BNB Chain.

Also, with the flourishing and devoted community of BNB Chain, as well as its scalability and accessibility, it has quickly become a launchpad for all things Web3, where protocols looking to reach a larger audience can grow, says Alvin Kan, the Director of Growth for BNB Chain.

He said that the team is encouraged by the continued dedication of Uniswap to providing value to its users and laying the groundwork for the future of decentralization.

March 15,2023

Is Crypto Indeed A Safer Option Than Banks Now

With the SVB debacle, and with the recent signs of an apparent bull run on the horizon, it is now possible to conclude that crypto has resolved many of its previous issues, whereas fiat has not.

As a result, crypto may indeed be a safer option at this point, which both depositors and investors should consider as they are reminded yet again that their deposits belong to the bank, and that the bank can do whatever it wants with that money, including investing in crashing bonds which result in depositor losses.

Moreover, despite the fact that the largest US banks are making over $100 billion in profits per quarter, if they are indeed gambling in the bond or stock markets, even huge profits may not be enough. This was the case of SVB, which collapsed with tens of billions in deposits and, crucially, no one really knows why this happened with absolute certainty.

In contrast, not only is everyone in crypto in charge of their own assets but the community also quickly identifies what is and is not affected in these types of situations, as well as how far it might all reverberate. Crypto is thus now arguably safer, whereas in fiat we do not yet know the full effects of the rapid increases in debt costs, which have most likely not yet fully cleared through the system either.

March 12,2023

Crypto Community Returning To Its Roots After SVB Goes Down

The March 10th collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) sparked FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) throughout the crypto community, prompting many to return to crypto roots, namely, reviving the Bitcoin (BTC) white paper published just weeks after the 2008 Lehman Brothers meltdown.

There is an entire generation of builders who only know about Lehman and the financial crisis and dismiss Bitcoin. Now though, their eyes are wide open, said Messari Founder and CEO Ryan Selkis.

Some attribute this disaster to rising interest rates within the U.S. Over the last year, the Federal Reserve raised its benchmark rate to more than 4.5%, the highest level since 2007. In the United States, the inflation rate was 6.4% in January.

The failure of Silicon Valley Bank has also impacted numerous crypto and tech companies. SVB was actually about to close its doors when Circle, the issuer of USD Coin (USDC), initiated a wire transfer to withdraw its funds.

However, Circle revealed that it was unable to withdraw $3.3 billion of its $40 billion in SVB reserves, resulting in a sell-off and the price of the stablecoin falling below its $1 peg. Other stablecoins such as BUSD and USDT have maintained their 1:1 peg with the U.S Dollar, for the time being at least.

March 12,2023

SEC Continues To Lose Public Support As Voyager And Binance US Deal Gets Finalized

Following a favorable bankruptcy court ruling, Binance US is reportedly proceeding with its intentions of obtaining the $1.3 billion assets of the downtrodden crypto lender Voyager. Judge Michael Wiles will therefore sign a court order authorizing the sale and the associated $20 million payout plan to Voyager customers.

What happened?

Judge Wiles overruled the eleventh-hour objection from the SEC that parts of the $1.3 billion deal might violate securities laws. The Judge was unwilling to place the entire case on indefinite hold while regulators determine whether they believe there are indeed issues with the transaction and plan or not.

Moreover, instead of proceeding with the sale, Voyager may choose to liquidate on its own and distribute the proceeds to customers, according to Brian Tichenor, the lead investment banker for the company. The United States will also reportedly give customers an additional $100 million.

In a court filing in January, the embattled crypto lender Voyager estimated that customers would receive approximately half of the amount owed, but during a court hearing on March 2nd, Voyager attorney Christine A. Okike stated that customers would receive approximately 73% based on recent crypto asset prices.

Elsewhere, in the initial appeal hearing for Grayscale and its Bitcoin spot ETF, judges expressed concerns about the reasoning provided by the SEC, claiming that the agency had failed to explain why Grayscale was in the wrong here. They also questioned why futures-based Bitcoin ETFs were permitted while spot-based ETFs were not.

The SEC losing its touch?

The United States SEC has taken a number of actions against crypto companies and individuals over the years, which has understandably sparked outrage among many in the community. Subpoenas, fines, and lawsuits have been issued against numerous companies and individuals who have been charged with promoting unregistered securities, the most famous example of which would be the still ongoing legal battle with Ripple.

Due to this, many in the crypto community have begun to view the SEC as overly aggressive and hostile to the industry. Some have even accused the SEC of overreaching and interfering with innovation, while others believe the agency is simply attempting to protect traditional financial institutions from any and all kinds of disruptive forces.

In any case, plenty of investors have started leaving the United States in favor of more crypto-friendly countries like the UAE which has only contributed to the brain drain of the country, and this will continue unless the SEC changes its stance towards crypto going forward.

March 10,2023

A Key Pillar Of The Crypto Industry Falls As Silvergate Shuts Down

Silvergate Capital Corporation, the holding company for Silvergate Bank, has officially announced that it will cease operations entirely. The bank stated that it would be voluntarily liquidated in an orderly fashion and in accordance with applicable regulatory procedures.

The bank further indicated that all customer deposits shall be fully repaid, and that it was currently determining how to resolve claims while maintaining the value of its assets.

Silvergate informed the SEC at the start of the month that it was possibly less than well-capitalized and that it was reassessing its business. Moreover, the bank also admitted that it was unsure of its ability to continue operations going forward.

Needless to say, the news has sent shockwaves through the cryptocurrency industry, with major firms like Coinbase, Circle, CBOE, Paxos, and Galaxy Digital all quickly announcing that they were halting transactions to and from Silvergate.

Not long afterwards, Silvergate also announced the closure of the Silvergate Exchange Network (SEN), which previously allowed users to exchange government-issued currencies for crypto.

March 05,2023

Tether Reportedly Falsified Documents To Deceive Cautious Banks

According to the Wall Street Journal, Tether reportedly falsified documents which were provided to its banking partners. The Department of Justice (DoJ) is also apparently investigating the stablecoin company for bank fraud.

In a Whalepool call shortly after Wells Fargo cut them off in 2017, Phil Potter, then CSO of both Bitfinex and Tether, described how much back and forth there is in this entire ordeal. He mentioned that when they discovered they were dealing with Bitcoin, their correspondent banks would often refuse to respond.

Stephen Moore, one of the reported shareholders for Tether Holdings Limited, was allegedly responsible for signing a series of fake invoices and contracts which were utilized to conceal the fact that these were Tether deposits and withdrawals. He reportedly did not want to argue any of this in a potential fraud or money laundering case.

Additionally, following this conversation, one essential Tether trader and shareholder based in China, Zhao Dong of RenrenBit, was found to be guilty of money laundering in the country.

Furthermore, previous reporting has also revealed that around the same time, Stuart Hoegner, General Counsel for Bitfinex and Tether, had Tether funds in his Bank of Montreal account. According to previous DoJ comments, the exchanges involved were completely cooperative.

March 05,2023

New Decentralized Product Which Uses ZK Proofs Gets Launched By Polygon

Polygon, an Ethereum Layer-2 scaling protocol, has finally released a Zero Knowledge (ZK) decentralized identity solution to the public almost a year after first announcing its development. Put simply, the Polygon ID service employs ZK proofs, which utilize cryptographic techniques to enable users to verify their identity online without their sensitive information being passed on to or potentially stored with any third party.

Polygon ID is also being integrated into various other Web3 projects, including popular metaverse platform The Sandbox and blockchain builder community, just to name a few.

Important details

Polygon ID was made public by Polygon Labs on March 1st, nearly a year after it was first announced via a closed-source environment. According to the Polygon team, Polygon ID was created to resolve the issue of digital trust. What distinguishes Polygon ID when compared to most other decentralized ID frameworks, as the team believes, is its use of ZK technology, which allows users to verify their identities or other credentials without revealing sensitive information.

The public release therefore adds four new tools to the Polygon ID toolkit, namely Verifier SDK, Issuer Node, Wallet SDK, and Wallet App, allowing Polygon developers to successfully integrate decentralized identities into their applications. Users will be able to interact with smart contracts and validate information on-chain by producing ZK proofs using off-chain credentials like a passport, national ID, or even education credentials like a diploma or degree.

A new age of digital identity?

It is no secret that the world is becoming increasingly digitized, so it would make all the sense in the world for Polygon to introduce this new initiative. Polygon claims it is also the first ZK-based digital ID tool that makes it possible to store credentials locally on handheld devices like smartphones, eliminating the need for passwords.

In a recent tweet, Polygon ID co-founder David Schwartz stated that the product was constructed using the latest decentralized identity standards, which will have a significant effect in terms of helping safeguard developers and users as their information will never be shared with any third party or intermediary.

The pinnacle of digital ID adoption is providing a means of identifying oneself that the average consumer could regularly use, David explained. Several projects, including Web3 infrastructure provider Kaleido, ID verification solution Fractal, and Web3 community management system Collab.Land, have already committed to integrating Polygon ID upon launch.

According to Polygon, they have a combined user base of over 4 million, a number that is expected to grow drastically over time.

March 02,2023

Mastercard And Visa Get Cold Feet As Both Companies Pause Crypto Push

People familiar with the matter said that U.S. payment giants Visa and Mastercard are putting a halt to plans to form new partnerships with crypto firms following a string of high-profile failures last year.

The crypto sector experienced a stunning turnaround in 2022, as the bankruptcies of industry titans FTX and BlockFi, as well as the controversial Terra disaster, shook investors and increased regulatory scrutiny by a significant margin.

According to Visa, previous notable failures in the crypto industry serve as a crucial reminder that this kind of technology has a long way to go before it can become an integral part of mainstream payments and financial services. However, the crypto strategy and focus for the company shall remain unchanged, even if there is a temporary pause.

For its part, Mastercard indicated that efforts to continue focusing on blockchain technology alongside the extraction and analysis of useful data pertaining to the implemenation of said technology is still very much the focus going forward, even with the temporary setback.

In April 2022, Mastercard collaborated with crypto lender Nexo to launch a crypto-backed payment card. Later on in the year, just a month after announcing an expanded partnership with the exchange, Visa terminated its global credit card agreements with FTX.

February 28,2023

Coinbase Announces BUSD Trade Will Be Suspended On March 13th, 2023

The move comes after the US Securities and Exchange Commission announced earlier this month that it was looking into the stablecoin as a possible unregistered security.

Coinbase determined that BUSD no longer met their listing standards after reviewing it. The exchange manages token listings via its Digital Asset Listings Group, a committee reviewing assets which excludes its CEO Brian Armstrong and board members.

It is worth noting that users shall still be able to access and withdraw their BUSD following the suspension, according to a tweet from Coinbase. As of this writing, BUSD is currently the third biggest stablecoin, with a market capitalization of US$10.6 billion.

Coinbase previously stated that stablecoins backed by US dollars are not securities. The NYDFS ordered Paxos, which owns and operates BUSD, to halt the issuance of the Ethereum-based stablecoin on February 21st, 2023. Paxos has stated that the stablecoin will be supported until at least February 2024.

Paxos also received a Wells notice from the US SEC earlier this month, which threatened potential enforcement action because the stablecoin was deemed an unregistered financial security.

Paxos issued a statement claiming that BUSD is not a security and that it is in constructive discussions with the SEC. Binance stated earlier this month that it only licenses its brand to Paxos for use with BUSD.

February 27,2023

Crypto Boom: What Is It And How It Makes Trading Easy

The digital platform allows traders to trade several cryptocurrencies in one place. It was designed by a group of experienced traders and developers to make cryptocurrency trading easy, simple, and accessible for every trader whether novice or expert. The platform uses an automated system that gathers all the insights into cryptocurrencies, analyzes the market, and executes trades on your behalf.

Before you decide whether to utilize this platform, this assessment will look at its security as well as other essential components including trading costs, the charting user interface, deposit options, and customer support. The strategy of Crypto Boom involves creating an account, depositing bitcoin, and trading leveraged pairs in order to take full advantage of the trading platforms capabilities.

What Is Crypto Boom?

It was founded by people in the bitcoin ecosystem who can trade everlasting contracts on the peer-to-peer Crypto Boom platform. Set your stop-loss and take-profit limits and let the system do the rest. Crypto Boom is safe and easy to use for everyone, so if youre interested in cryptocurrency trading, check its website now. 

Trading pairs like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are available on this exchange. Any digital asset can be traded with high leverage of up to 200 times using the Crypto Boom app for smartphone devices or the web trader for desktop computers.

Is It A Valid Platform To Use?

Many individuals have various misconceptions about Crypto Boom after hearing its name. Several misconceptions are circulating regarding the platform like its validity, security, protection of data, and many more. Also, it is a platform that generates high returns on your investment.

Our investigation shows that, so far, the program seems reliable and respectable. However, you should continue cautiously because you run the danger of losing a significant amount of investment. Never forget that purchasing a cryptocurrency trading bot does not guarantee that everything will go according to the desired plan. Due to the saturation of bitcoin in the bitcoin market, using a trading bot is about as risky as trading yourself. Additionally, if the market is down, you will likely lose your investment. 

It has the feature to set up trades the way you want, just like any other trading software, in order to stop more losses. Given that automated trading software is a relatively new idea, we cannot say for sure if this platform will provide you with a reliable source of revenue in the long run.

The reason for this, the membership procedure is straightforward compared to various other trading bots, many individuals believe Crypto Boom is a scam. However, merely signing up does not count as one. Positive consideration should be given to the fact that Crypto Boom does not need your residential address, ID, or any other verification. 

Begin Trading: Using Crypto Boom

Complete The Registration Process

Start by opening a browser and entering the provided website address to begin creating a Crypto Boom account. The browser must have the capability to accept cookies from outside sources, it should be noted. The web platform for Crypto Boom enables quick geographical determination of all anonymous site visitors, making it easier for them to get in touch with a broker and register a cryptocurrency account. 

The steps in the registration process include entering the required data, which includes the name of the trader, email address, and a secure password, as well as the mobile phone number with country code. If users face any difficulties in the registration process for their demo trading or real trading, they can contact customer care support at any time.

Submit An Amount of $250 As A Deposit Fund

A trading robot requires a connection from an internet broker in order to start exchange transactions automatically and begin trading activities. The requirements and channels for exchanging insights are adequately balanced to fulfill the needs of the users. The security of the connection is ensured by Crypto Booms connections with some of the most respected brokers on the market. 

A minimum deposit i.e. $250 sent in using one of the payment methods. The deposit amount value is currently among the cheapest relevant to other platforms. At any time, customers have limitless access to their money using the withdrawal. The withdrawal process is also very swift, easy, and simple.

Perform Demo Or Trial Trading

A special feature of this platform is the demo trading function, which enables customers to test the auto-trading bot for Bitcoins without using actual or real money. Account users should also be able to verify changes in investments for their accounts and evaluate the effectiveness of trading bots and trading signals promoting the use of the demo trading feature. Therefore, the demo account approach is unique and ideal for analyzing and calculating the success ratio of this platform.

Start Real Trading

Staring live trading trial by choosing Bitcoin. You should set a stop-loss limit to prevent the system from trading money when the market is going down. It functions somewhat like a security asset that immediately protects and secures your money. The first live trading session, which might end up to around 6 hours, is expected to be eagerly watched by traders. We equally split the funds in half, giving the trading system access to most of the users accounts. If a customer requires any kind of support while participating in a live trading trial, they can contact customer support via phone calls or live chat.

How Does the Crypto Boom Make Trading Easy?


In addition to offering a wide variety of applications, the UI is straightforward and user-friendly. This interface is not only gorgeous and user-friendly, but it also has a lot of cutting-edge features. One can access it on mobile devices and desktop/laptop PCs. The ability to switch the modes into day and night on the UI is a helpful feature that keeps your eyes from being tired and watering.

Security Feature

The security precautions used by meet the strict criteria established by reliable trading bots, which all well-known trading bots use. Naturally, this platform offers additional services and capabilities to protect and secure your information and account.

Two-Factor Authentication

The protection of your personal data should be standard that is maintained while using Crypto Boom. If you dont disable the withdrawal option for your bitcoin wallet, Crypto Booms wont let you access the API. 

Customer Care

Check out the knowledge base for Crypto Boom first before sending and support. The Advanced and Pro Packages also feature priority support, however, all packages also receive email support service. 

Final Verdict 

Regardless of the state of the market, Crypto Boom is a platform with automatic trading algorithms that generate a consistent flow of cash. Not to mention the additional choices that safeguard your security. It also offers first-rate security and superb customer service. The platform also helps you manage risk by providing tools to monitor your investment portfolios and makes trading easy for every trader.



February 26,2023

The Bitcoin 360 AI Complete Guide - Features And The Sign-Up Process

An increasing number of people throughout the world are curious about the potential benefits of investing in cryptocurrency. Especially when a growing number of retailers are starting to accept bitcoin. Financial experts have been calling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies "the next blockchain revolution," and a lot of people, both young and old, are trading them for profit. Bitcoin has altered how conventional financial backers prioritise assets and build portfolios. Those who are just getting started in the cryptocurrency industry will require a bitcoin trading system.

Experts say that using a reliable trading strategy is crucial for making money in todays volatile market. There are a lot of individuals like you looking for Bitcoin 360 AI since it is a top trading system for crypto trading in the 2020s.

Cons And Pros Of Using Bitcoin 360 AI


  • Functions and interfaces that are both automated and easy to use.
  • Bitcoin 360 AI may be used by anybody, regardless of whether they have any background in trading or not.
  • Accepts more than twenty digital currencies and tokens (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.).
  • Without cost to the user for the download.
  • Due to the bots open nature, there are no covert fees.


  • Its lacking an app for smartphones.
  • Not sold in the United States.
  • Individuals with little financial resources may find the $250 minimum deposit to be prohibitive.

The Best Features Of Bitcoin 360 AI

Bitcoin 360 AI has several characteristics that are similar to other bots on the market, but it also has aspects that make it unique. Such as

AI-Driven Methodologies

The financial markets are analysed by this robot using AI-powered trading algorithms, which are supposed to be efficient.

Swift Trade Processing

All transactions can be completed swiftly by the Bitcoin 360 AI. Trading in and out of the market takes less than 0.01 seconds, according to its website.

Intensified Use of Capital

In contrast to the average leverage of bots, which is about 1:10, Bitcoin 360 AI allows for up to a whopping 5000:1. Since Bitcoin 360 AI conducts transactions depending on market patterns instead of sentiments, you have a great possibility to generate big gains with the appropriate approach and plan. However, there are still opportunities for loss, so exercise caution.

Purchase With A Variety Of Coins

Bitcoin 360 AI is home to more than 20 different cryptocurrencies, allowing you to diversify your holdings. The assets section up there has several examples of such coinage.

The Workings Of Bitcoin 360 AI. Methods And Algorithms For Trading

Due to the extreme volatility of the cryptocurrency market, automating your transactions might help you capitalise on promising changes more quickly. As one of the robots that can keep up with the unpredictable crypto market utilising state-of-the-art algorithms and trading tactics, Bitcoin 360 AI is often held up as a model of efficiency and dependability.

So-called "big data" is cleaned up and the best trading opportunities are found for you with the help of cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence, which is how Bitcoin 360 AI is touted to function. Bitcoin 360 AIs widespread appeal stems in part from the following features:


  • Trading Robots
  • Margin Trading
  • Market Activity Due to Breaking News
  • Analysis of Price Movements

Starting With Bitcoin 360 AI: What You Need To Do

After reading this, you should feel confident in signing up for the Bitcoin 360 AI robot and beginning your bitcoin business endeavour. Get the details on joining Bitcoin 360 AIs community.

First, Sign Up For An Account.

Those interested in utilising Bitcoin 360 AI for the first time can start by filling out the online registration form that may be found on the site. Your name, email address, and contact number will all need to be filled out. Youll then get a confirmation email with a link to click to complete the sign-up process.

Second, Finish The Know Your Customer Steps.

Once youve been contacted by a broker representative and gone through the necessary Know Your Customer (KYC) steps, a $250 minimum deposit will be needed. Keep in mind that you may use any of a variety of convenient payment options.

Third, Sign Up For A Trial Account.

Whether youre a trading rookie or a seasoned pro on the lookout for a trustworthy trading robot, you need to put Bitcoin 360 AI through its paces to ensure it lives up to your expectations. You may start trading with real money after you feel comfortable using the bot on a demo account.

Fourth, Modify Your Approach

Its important to have a well-thought-out plan in place before entering the real market for real money. Stop-loss orders and other risk management procedures may be included as well.

The Fifth Phase, Publish A Trade

Activating live trading and beginning operations may be done after all details, including risk management measures, have been ironed out.

Is There A Way To Cancel My Account With Bitcoin 360 AI?

Accounts created with Bitcoin 360 AI may be closed using the app or the brokerage it supports. To remove your account through the bot's platform, go to the settings menu item and follow the on-screen instructions. On the other hand, if you try to do the same thing on an investors website, youll destroy all of your information on both of them. Consequently, before you deactivate your Bitcoin 360 AI account, you should think carefully about how you wish to do it. Visit the website to find out more.

Does Bitcoin 360 AI Offer Withdrawal Options?

Due to the lack of a cryptocurrency wallet, Bitcoin 360 AI cannot facilitate trader withdrawals. Earnings are instead withdrawn through the linked broker. Having said that, here are the detailed instructions for cashing out your funds through a broker affiliated with Bitcoin 360 AI.

Access your brokerage account on the firms website by entering your login credentials.

To get your cryptocurrency out of your providers wallet, youll need to go to the wallets withdrawal page.

  • If you want to withdraw funds, youll need to choose a withdrawal method first.
  • Put in the amount of cash you want to take out.
  • Verify the information and get the ball rolling. Within the next 24 hours, your chosen account will be credited with the requested amount.
  • Many brokers wont provide withdrawals in cryptocurrencies since they arent recognised as legal cash anywhere. Because of this, they allow you to withdraw your money in a variety of fiat currencies once you have converted your cryptocurrency.

Final Thoughts

New and seasoned bitcoin traders both are finding success with Bitcoin 360 AI, while others are taking a loss. This demonstrates that relying only on the robot to handle your position is risky. Keeping your foot on the pedal is key if you want to capitalise on opportunities the robot misses.

If youre completely unfamiliar with how Bitcoin 360 AI works, the best place to start is with the free demo account. As soon as you feel competent and settled in your trading strategy, it is time to raise your starting money. Keep in mind that setbacks are inevitable, but see them as a necessary part of growth. With time and the robots, you may expect daily revenues in the hundreds of dollars. As an additional precaution against legal trouble, you should record your income to the IRS or UKs HMRC and take advantage of any tax benefits they may provide.