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June 17,2023

US Government Being Sued For Allegedly Stealing $100,000,000

A lawsuit has been filed against the US government, accusing it of seizing over $100 million in cash, gold, and jewelry from citizens in California without providing any explanation.

The nonprofit Institute for Justice has taken legal action to stop the forfeiture proceedings for a group of individuals whose assets were confiscated by the FBI, with little clarity on the reasons behind it. The case revolves around a couple based in Los Angeles, Linda and Reggie Martin, who had $40,200 of their life savings seized from a safety deposit box without any evidence of illegal activity being presented by the agency.

Their attorney, Bob Belden, argues that the actions taken by the government are immoral, violating basic human rights as American citizens. The government employs civil forfeiture, allowing it to decide independently whether to seize and attempt to retain properties, even when there are no suspicions of criminal behavior.

The FBI sends standardized forfeiture notices that fail to provide owners with any information regarding the grounds for taking their assets, which the Institute for Justice deems unconstitutional. The operation conducted by the FBI at the Beverly Hills location resulted in the seizure of more than $100 million in various valuable assets.

Although the government issued blanket notices that vaguely referenced numerous federal crimes, it has refused to specify the exact wrongdoing in the case of the Martins. The lawsuit seeks to halt administrative proceedings for all recipients of the forfeiture notices. Linda states that neither she nor her husband have been charged with a crime and there is no indication of whether they will recover their money.

The Institute for Justice highlights that civil and criminal forfeiture is a lucrative practice for federal law enforcement, with individuals receiving inadequate notices that vaguely link their property to potential federal crimes. This particular situation demonstrates how federal forfeiture incentivizes agents to seize assets without sufficient cause, while keeping property owners in the dark to discourage resistance.

A federal judge has previously ruled that a client involved in the same safety deposit seizure operation received a deficient forfeiture notice, resulting in the FBI violating due process and the Fifth Amendment.

June 16,2023

BlackRock Could Make History If Its Spot Bitcoin ETF Gets Approved

BlackRock, the largest investment firm in the world, has submitted an application for a Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) in the United States. If approved, it would be the first crypto spot ETF in the country. Other applicants, such as ARK and Grayscale, are still waiting for a response from the U.S SEC.

The new BlackRock iShares Bitcoin Trust would reportedly trade as Commodity-Based Trust Shares. According to the application, Coinbase Custody Trust Company would serve as the custodian for the Bitcoin holdings of the fund, while Bank of New York Mellon would handle custody of fiat currencies.The Bitcoin price would also be updated at least every 15 seconds using the CF Benchmarks Index during regular market trading.

The application highlights that previous spot exchange-traded products in commodities and currency markets were generally unregulated, and the Commission relied on the underlying futures market for approval. Therefore, the proposal does not require the spot Bitcoin market to be regulated for the Commission to approve it.

Despite several applicants, the SEC has not yet approved a spot Bitcoin ETF. Grayscale even appealed its rejection and argued for the validity of Bitcoin futures. Other firms like ARK Invest and 21Shares have also been pushing for spot Bitcoin ETF approval, submitting their third applications in April. The first spot traded Bitcoin ETF was established in Canada in early 2021, known as Purpose Bitcoin ETF.

June 14,2023

Hinman Speech Sparks Controversy As Securities Debate Heats Up

Stuart Alderoty, the Chief Legal Officer for Ripple, has called for an investigation into the actions of former SEC Division Director Bill Hinman, whose infamous speech on cryptocurrency decentralization has been central to the legal battle against the SEC.

The internal documents reveal that senior SEC officials warned Hinman about the potential confusion and lack of legal basis for his analysis, but he disregarded their concerns. Alderoty questions why the SEC continued to promote this speech, despite knowing its questionable legal grounds and potential to create confusion in the market.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has also criticized the SEC and its handling of the crypto industry, alleging political overreach and a lack of regulatory clarity. The released documents could very well ignite a heated debate about the classification of cryptocurrencies as securities, something that Ripple has been dealing with for years by this point.

Furthermore, concerns have been raised about what kind of motivations Hinman may have had alongside potential conflicts of interest related to his ties with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. Recently, US lawmakers have also questioned current SEC Chair Gary Gensler and his actions which have reportedly been based largely on self interest.

In conclusion, Alderoty argues that the speech should never again be considered in discussions about token securities, emphasizing the need for transparency and accountability from regulators.

June 13,2023

SEC Stabilization Act Aims To Remove Gary Gensler

New developments have emerged in the United States regarding the controversial Gary Gensler. US lawmakers, including Rep. Warren Davidson and Rep. Tom Emmer, have introduced a bill called the SEC Stabilization Act in the House of Representatives. The primary objective of this bill is to remove Gary Gensler from his position as SEC Chair.

Rep. Warren Davidson emphasized the need to protect US capital markets from what he described as a tyrannical Chairman, referring to Gensler. He stated that the proposed legislation aims to address the ongoing abuse of power and ensure long-term market protection.

Rep. Davidson, who previously announced his intention to introduce the bill, reiterated his call for real reform and the dismissal of Gary Gensler as SEC Chair. Rep. Tom Emmer, a co-author of the bill, expressed that the SEC Stabilization Act intends to introduce sensible changes to prioritize investor protection rather than catering to the personal preferences of Gensler.

The proposed bill would not only remove Gensler from office but also redefine the power distribution between the SEC Chair and commissioners. It seeks to introduce a sixth commissioner, prevent any party from holding a majority on the commission, and establish an executive director position.

Although the lawmakers did not explicitly mention crypto in their statements, both Rep. Warren Davidson and Rep. Tom Emmer are known for their pro-crypto stance and have often been critical of Gary Gensler. Rep. Emmer has even previously referred to Gensler as a bad faith regulator.

Additionally, Rep. Davidson serves as the Vice Chair of the new Subcommittee on Digital Assets, Financial Technology, and Inclusion at the House Financial Services Committee. Needless to say, the potential removal of Gensler has led to widespread joy and satisfaction across the crypto and digital assets space.

June 10,2023

Cardano And Ripple To Unite Against SEC

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson recently made a surprising move aimed at reconciling with the XRP community, with whom he has had a strained relationship in the past. Taking to his official Twitter account, Hoskinson called for peace with the XRP community, sparking a series of debates on the platform.

The recent crackdowns by the SEC on major exchanges like Binance and Coinbase have demonstrated that no entity is exempt from regulatory scrutiny. In this context, gestures of goodwill could indeed help the industry navigate its current challenges more effectively.

Not everyone is as trustful of Hoskinson however, given his past comments and the recent designation of the ADA token as a security by the United States SEC, an agency which also recently targeted other cryptocurrencies like Solana, Filecoin, and Polygon.

The goal would therefore seem to be to establish a united front against the perceived common enemy, namely the SEC and its chairman, Gary Gensler. In any case, a growing number of XRP community members have responded positively to this call for a truce, recognizing that failure to unite at this time could lead to more significant issues for the entire industry in the future.

June 09,2023

Binance US Will Suspend Fiat Withdrawals As Early As June 13th

Following a recent lawsuit filed by the SEC, Binance US has informed its users that it will temporarily halt all customer withdrawals and transition into an exclusively crypto-based exchange. The decision to do so is attributed to the intention of their banking partners to pause USD fiat channels.

In their statement, Binance US assured customers that they currently maintain 1:1 reserves for all users and that all operations are functioning normally. They urged customers to withdraw their USD funds through bank transfers before June 13th, 2023.

Additionally, the exchange announced the suspension of all USD trading pairs in the coming week, with the possibility of converting USD balances held in reserve to stablecoins after June 15th. The notice also mentioned potential delays in ACH transfers due to weekend bank closures and increased volumes.

Binance US had previously stated its intention to delist certain trading pairs. Regarding the SEC lawsuit, Binance US described the claims as baseless and criticized these tactics as aggressive and unjustified. The exchange has also faced the threat of asset freezes.

In any case, Binance US has had a turbulent history, with one CEO, Catherine Coley, disappearing from public view, and another CEO, Brian Brooks, resigning after a short tenure. Brooks previously provided testimony to the SEC that questioned the independence of the exchange.

June 08,2023

Central Banks USD Reserves Drop To New Lows As Dedollarization Continues

Banking giant JPMorgan has recently noted that the trend of de-dollarization is gaining momentum as central banks worldwide reduce their holdings of the United States Dollar (USD).

According to JPMorgan strategists Meera Chandan and Octavia Popescu, the portion of USD when it comes to the central banks and their foreign exchange reserves has reached a record low of 58%. They also highlight the increasing prominence of de-dollarization when considering the significant accumulation of gold by central banks in the past five years.

UBS, another prominent bank, also recently stated that central banks intend to acquire 700 metric tons of gold, equivalent to $48.74 billion, in 2023. This shift is driven by concerns over geopolitical issues and persistent inflation, leading countries to move away from relying on the USD.

JPMorgan analysts acknowledge the emergence of signs indicating de-dollarization. They anticipate that this trend will persist despite the USD having a substantial presence in global trade settlements.

Over the past few decades, both the USD and the Euro have maintained stable shares of 40% to 50% in trade invoicing. Additionally, the proportion of USD when it comes to foreign exchange trading volumes remains close to its all-time high of 88%.

Furthermore, JPMorgan analysts revealed that the USD continues to dominate SWIFT payments, accounting for 43% of transactions. In comparison, the Euro constitutes 32% of transactions, while the Chinese Yuan comprises 2.3%.

June 06,2023

Binance Accused Of Misleading Investors And Mishandling Funds

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has accused Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, of mishandling customer funds and providing false information to American regulators and investors.

This lawsuit has the potential to significantly impact the power dynamics of the crypto industry. The SEC alleges that Binance mixed billions of dollars in customer funds and secretly sent them to a company controlled by its founder. They also claim that Binance misled investors about its ability to detect manipulative trading and restrict users living in the United States.

Binance has expressed disappointment and plans to vigorously fight the lawsuit. CEO Changpeng Zhao believes the charges are part of broader regulatory efforts to rein in the crypto trading world. Binance has faced other legal actions and scrutiny in the past, resulting in the company taking steps to improve compliance such as the formation of Binance US.

Nevertheless, the SEC is seeking restitution and aims to bar the founder from holding certain positions in US entities that issue securities. US investors, on the other hand, are also disappointed as they largely believe the SEC to be acting in their own self interest rather than looking after the general public.

June 03,2023

Amazon And Meta Shares Now Less Stable Than Bitcoin

Currently, Apple shares and gold are considered more stable investment options than Bitcoin. However, the infamous price volatility of the flagship crypto has decreased significantly compared to its historical average, with an annualized rate of 32% compared to the previous average of 71%.

While Bitcoin has been known for its highly unpredictable price swings, it is currently exhibiting less volatility than tech giants Amazon and Meta. The cryptocurrency is experiencing this unusual stability during a period referred to as the summer lull, characterized by reduced trading volume. In fact, this summer is on track to be the calmest since 2020.

Bitcoin faced significant instability last summer, marked by a sharp drop in value followed by a recovery by the end of the year. During that time, both its price and stability were negatively affected by the general downturn in the crypto market and the Terra-Luna fallout.

Although its volatility has not reached the levels seen in solid assets like gold and Apple stock, Bitcoin currently exhibits more stability than both Meta and Amazon, which have volatility rates of 44% and 34% respectively. For comparison, the volatility rate of the Dow Jones Industrial Average is currently at 13%.

However, LedgerPrime Vice President Laura Vidiella believes that this recent period of low volatility does not indicate a major shift in the market. She anticipates that significant price swings and volatility will return in the fall.
If this prediction aligns with general expectations, we might see a price surge in the late third and early fourth quarter of this year.

June 01,2023

Self Custody Skyrockets While ETH Fees Drastically Decrease

Aligned with the prevailing sentiment in the broader cryptomarket, the price of Ethereum (ETH) has experienced a temporary halt, but the decrease in network fees suggests a reason for optimism. The lower fees create a more convenient and practical environment, making it easier for users to engage with the Ethereum network.

Recent data from Santiment revealed that average Ethereum fees have returned to their usual levels after reaching a peak of $14 per ETH transaction in early May.

Most recently, there was a significant 69% decline in just 25 days. This was initially triggered by the popularity of meme coins, particularly the successful launch of the Pepe (PEPE) token, which led to increased activity on both the Ethereum and Bitcoin networks.

Furthermore, the percentage of Ethereum supply available on crypto exchanges reached an all-time low of 9.9%. This decline is attributed to the growing trend of self-custody, where users prefer to hold their assets securely instead of relying on trading platforms. Factors contributing to this shift include concerns surrounding platform security and a lack of regulatory clarity regarding the classification of ETH as a security or commodity.

In addition to the low supply on exchanges, another noteworthy milestone for Ethereum is the deposit of over 4.4 million ETH since April 12th, resulting in a deposit contract balance exceeding $40 billion. This milestone coincides with the implementation of the Shanghai upgrade, a highly anticipated update which ETH holders had been awaiting for some time.

May 31,2023

CryptoWeekly is proud to be an official media partner for the 5th Annual Blockchain Futurist Conference, scheduled to take place in Toronto, Canada, from August 15th-16th, 2023.

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The conference is set to be the largest event of its kind and will serve as a platform for exploring the future possibilities and advancements in blockchain technology. It brings together experts in the fields of Web3, crypto, DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, DAOs, the metaverse, and more.

Put simply, the annual event offers an immersive crypto experience with features such as crypto-powered marketplaces, NFT galleries, crypto ATMs, and the integration of blockchain technology in the context of real world use cases.

With a consistent attendance of over 6,000 participants each year, the event provides an excellent opportunity to network with prominent founders, investors, and projects. Attendees can connect with industry leaders at the VIP Cabanas, participate in exciting networking events, and explore exhibitor booths located on multiple levels.

The event also aims to educate participants about the future trends and advancements in the field, encouraging them to become active contributors to the Web3 movement. Notable speakers at the event include Charles Hoskinson, Michele Romanow, Anthony Di Iorio, Ethan Buchman, Jaime Leverton, Tamara Haasen, Miko Matsumura, Silvina Moschini, Adam Cai, Sascha Darius Mojtahedi, Pamela Draper, Ben Armstrong, Trevor Koverko, and many more esteemed individuals.

Additional details will follow in the weeks building up to the event.

May 30,2023

SEC Lawsuit May End Soon As XRP Experiences Historic Address Activity

The XRP network has recently experienced two significant surges in address activity, marking a positive trend for the digital currency. These record setting spikes were identified by blockchain analytics platform Santiment.

This occurrence suggests a potential upswing for XRP, similar to the price appreciation it observed following a surge in address activity on March 18th. Presently, XRP is valued at just over $0.50, reflecting a 4.2% increase for the day and a substantial 7.8% growth over the week.

The divergence of XRP and its behavior from other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum further supports the notion of a possible breakout for XRP. It is worth noting that these notable address activity spikes coincide with increased attention on Ripple due to an ongoing lawsuit with the SEC concerning the classification of XRP as a security.

However, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse recently hinted at the potential resolution of the case within the next few weeks, offering an optimistic outlook that could have spurred the heightened network activity.

If the SEC lawsuit is successfully resolved, it could provide a significant boost to XRP by addressing regulatory uncertainties and potentially driving increased adoption. However, nothing has been confirmed as of this moment.