Haider Jamal

Jun 10, 2024

Web3 Fundraising Deals - 04th To 10th June, 2024

K3 Labs, focusing on the NFT sector, has received pre-seed funding via Finality Capital Partners. Although the exact amount is unknown, this investment sets the stage for their entry into the booming NFT market.



Glacier Network has secured $8M via Gate.io. Glacier is building a composable, modular and scalable L2 data network for large-scale dApps.



Mountain Protocol USD has successfully closed their Series A round, raising $8M with support by Multicoin Capital. This funding will enable them to scale their operations and advance their protocol.



Halo Wallet has secured $3.00M in seed funding, with HashKey Capital leading the charge. Halo Wallet is a secure and easy-to-use crypto wallet that supports multi-chain aggregation.



Bitstamp raised $200M and announced a major M&A deal with Robinhood, signaling significant developments in the cryptocurrency exchange landscape and paving the way for future growth opportunities.



The Sandbox has raised $20M in undisclosed funding, with Animoca Brands backing their vision for the metaverse. The Sandbox was one of the first companies to delve into the metaverse concept.



XREX Inc. has secured $18.75M in strategic funding by Tether.io, strengthening their position in the cross-border payments industry and facilitating their mission to revolutionize global transactions.



Nubit has secured $8M in seed funding, with Polychain Capital leading the round. Nubit is a Bitcoin-native data availability layer designed to revolutionize transaction processing on the Bitcoin network.



GoPlus Security has secured $10M in undisclosed funding, with support by HashKey Capital. At its core, GoPlus is a Web3 security infrastructure provider.



Stashh Labs has raised $3.3M in undisclosed funding, with HashKey Capital leading the round. Stashh is an omnichain social hub where NFT creators connect, collect, and discover together.



Starpower has secured $2M in pre-seed funding, with Alliance DAO backing their vision for the future. Starpower is an energy network that connects energy equipment to empower applications like Virtual Power Plants and Carbon Credit systems.



Avail has raised an impressive $43M in Series A funding, with DragonFly Capital leading the round. Avail is a Web3 infrastructure layer designed to allow modular execution layers to scale and interoperate in a trust-minimized way.



Fhenix has secured $15M in Series A funding, with Hack VC leading the investment. This funding will enable Fhenix to accelerate its product development and expand its market presence.



Lastly, Toposware has been working alongside P2 Ventures (Polygon Ventures), signaling a new chapter for the company. Toposware is building disruptive technology for a trustless, connected future.


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