Haider Jamal

Mar 25, 2024

Fundraising Deals - 19th To 25th March 2024

CryptoWeekly is proud to bring you the latest fundraising deals in Web3! Well done to everyone.



Espresso Systems secured $28M in Series B Funding from a16z crypto, propelling innovation in the United States market. Espresso is designed to offer rollups a means of achieving credible neutrality, enhanced interoperability, and long-term alignment with Ethereum.



Succinct raised $55M in Series A round led by Paradigm, marking a significant milestone for disruptive solutions in the United States. Succinct primarily focuses on making zero-knowledge proofs accessible to any developer.



Tanssi Network raised $6M in Seed funding from KR1, enhancing blockchain solutions in France. Appchains connected to the Tanssi Network transform into ContainerChains, gaining access to a range of tools and resources.



CoinMart secured $4M in Seed funding from IDG Capital, fueling growth in The Netherlands. CoinMart aims to democratize crypto investment and trading for all. Their mission is to bring cryptocurrency into everyone&39s reach while offering unparalleled simplicity, unwavering safety & security, and modest fees.



Rails raised $6.2M in Seed funding from Slow Ventures, expanding opportunities from the Cayman Islands. Rails enables users to trade crypto derivatives at lightning speed while maintaining self-custody.



Ago successfully completed a $2.5M Initial Coin Offering, paving the way for innovation in The Netherlands. The company&39s mission statement is that users don&rsquot need banks anymore as Ago makes it easy to invest in crypto and manage money.



Kemet Trading secured $5M in Angel funding, driving advancements in the United States market. Kemet provides the first true institutional single-access point into the digital asset derivative ecosystem.



Matter Labs completed a $50M Initial Coin Offering with support from Sygnum, advancing blockchain technology in Germany.



Cathedral Studios raised $6.6M in Seed funding from Arca, fostering innovation in the United Kingdom.



MANTRA secured $11M in Seed funding from undisclosed investors, driving growth in Hong Kong. As the first RWA Layer 1 blockchain, MANTRA is capable of adherence and enforcement of real world regulatory requirements.



GRVT raised $2.2M in Seed funding from QCP Capital, expanding opportunities in Singapore.



Keyring Network secured $6M in Seed funding from Greenfield, enhancing blockchain solutions in the UK. Keyring focuses on permissioning tools for compliant transactions on-chain, powered by zero-knowledge privacy.



Tokenize Xchange raised $15.5M in Series A funding from TRIVE, empowering digital asset exchange in Singapore. The Tokenize team aspires to build the next-generation digital currency exchange that supports established and emerging virtual currencies.



Exciting times ahead for the blockchain and crypto industry! Be sure to follow CryptoWeekly for the all the latest updates about Web3 fundraising.

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