Haider Jamal

Jun 27, 2024

4K BTC Transferred To Coinbase By United States Government

A crypto wallet under US government control recently transferred approximately 3,940 Bitcoin (BTC), valued at $241 million, to Coinbase, as reported by Arkham Intelligence. The wallet currently holds about $13.3 billion worth of Bitcoin. The Bitcoin in this wallet originates via the seizure of assets related to the Silk Road, an infamous dark web marketplace shut down in 2013 for trading illegal drugs, weapons, and other illicit items.


Large-Scale Transfers

Earlier this April, the government reportedly moved 30,175 BTC, roughly worth $2 billion at the time, via the same wallet to Coinbase. The transaction involved a series of transfers, starting with a small test transfer of 0.001 BTC ($65) to a Coinbase Prime deposit address. The main transfer consisted of 1,999 BTC (around $130 million), while the remaining 28,176 BTC was transferred to another government-controlled wallet, likely for planned sale.

These large-scale transactions could potentially impact Bitcoin and its current bearish trend, which has been developing over the past week. Additionally, the trustee of Mt. Gox, the now-defunct exchange, announced plans to commence a $9 billion repayment next month, with victims receiving payouts in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. This could add selling pressure to the market.


Making Moves

Recently, the German government made some key decisions involving Bitcoin, transferring 400 BTC to Coinbase and Kraken, as well as another 500 BTC to an untagged address. These actions have sparked speculation within the crypto community about the management and sale strategies of the government pertaining to its Bitcoin holdings.

Following the latest transfer, Bitcoin saw a minor decline, dropping to $60,800 before rebounding to around $61,000 according to CoinGecko data. The price of Bitcoin holds significant importance for the broader crypto market as it acts as a benchmark and sentiment gauge. Being the largest and most recognized cryptocurrency, fluctuations in its price often sway investor sentiment and trading decisions across the entire crypto sphere.


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