Haider Jamal

Jul 04, 2024

$20 Million Cloudbreak Fund Announced By DWF Labs

DWF Labs, a market maker and Web3 investment firm, has introduced the $20 million Cloudbreak Fund to bolster projects and founders within Chinese-speaking regions. The Cloudbreak Fund aims to support ventures across sectors such as gaming, social finance, meme coins, derivatives, and Layer-1 or Layer-2 blockchain technologies.

DWF Labs remains a steadfast advocate for the Web3 industry during market fluctuations. To underscore this commitment, they are launching the $20 million USD Cloudbreak Fund to empower promising projects.


International Expansion

Chinese-speaking regions encompass Hong Kong, China, Macao, Taiwan, and Singapore. The intersection of gaming and finance presents ripe opportunities for innovation, leveraging blockchain technology to revolutionize monetization and enrich gaming experiences.

DWF Labs has invested $5 million in LADY DWF Labs has a strong history of investments in the Web3 sector. One recent notable investment is in the Milady Meme Coin (LADYS). The firm has injected $5 million into LADYS, demonstrating confidence in its potential. This investment aims to unlock new development opportunities for the project and expand its ecosystem. According to DWF Labs, this partnership aims to foster collaboration and community engagement within the meme coin and broader Web3 landscape.


Slow And Steady Growth

Support for Milady Meme Coin illustrates an overarching investment strategy by DWF Labs, backing projects with promising potential and a strong community focus. The $5 million investment in LADYS by DWF Labs is poised to open up new avenues for growth and engagement.

The Web3 gaming sector is experiencing rapid expansion in 2024, attracting increased venture capital investment. Last year, funding rounds related to blockchain gaming reached an estimated $1.7 billion, with a significant portion flowing to the 270 blockchain games under development on Immutable.

Earlier this year, King River Capital, blockchain gaming firm Immutable, and Polygon Labs announced a collaboration to launch a $100 million gaming fund. Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), co-founded by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, disclosed plans to invest $30 million in gaming startups this year.


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