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Sep 20, 2023

Crypto Fundraising September 12 - 18

On behalf of the Web3 community, we would like to extend our warmest congratulations to the companies that announced their success in fundraising between 12th September and 18th September 2023. We are thrilled to see such tremendous support from all involved. Well done! 

Layer N raised $5M - Layer N is focused on increasing transaction throughput and latency potential to replicate the speed of traditional financial markets on the blockchain.

portals.fi raised $2.5M - Portals is a yield and protocol aggregator for transaction bundling, any-to-any swaps, and real-time data. Taking advantage of the lego-like composability of DeFi, Portals allows anyone to create and bundle complex actions into a single transaction with ease.

Club3 raised $3M - Club3 has completed a seed round of $3M. Club3 are also launching the first round of a $200,000 partner grants program.

IMMIX raised $2.7M - IMMIX specialising in the creation of cutting-edge automated trading systems by leveraging sophisticated mathematical models and computational techniques, IMMIX are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the Web3 trading landscape.

Movement Labs raised $3.4M - Financial support will empower Movement Labs to expand the implementation and advancement of Move, a programming language specifically designed for smart contracts.

Gilded raised $3.25M - Gilded promotes cryptocurrency adoption with simple, innovative tools for businesses. Gilded makes it easy for businesses to manage crypto payments by providing a comprehensive invoicing, bookkeeping, and reporting.

Fipto raised 16.01M - Fipto is a global B2B payments and treasury management solution that leverages blockchain technology for fast, cost-effective, and transparent cross-border payments.

Topic.Market raised $2M - On Topic.Market, you can not only voice your opinions on trending topics from cryptocurrency trends to breaking news, but also seize the opportunity to capitalize on them.

ZORIXchange raised an undisclosed amount - ZORIX with an active community of 100k community is dedicated to driving widespread crypto adoption by offering fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat services in USD, EUR, and British Pound, with plans for further expansion.

Only Dust raised 3.19M - OnlyDust has become the largest coordinator of open source developers in the Web3 ecosystem, supporting 500 developers from 17 countries working on ZK rollups, privacy, decentralised finance and beyond.

ProsperEx, raised an undisclosed amount - ProsperEx is a universal decentralized exchange, blending RWA and AI, designed to empower leveraged trading across all assets with unparalleled security and user experience.

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