Haider Jamal

Sep 28, 2023

Representative Davidson Has Had Enough Of Gary Gensler

The SEC, responsible for regulating financial markets in the United States, recently delayed the ARK Invest and 21Shares Ethereum Spot ETF application, which was submitted jointly on September 21st, 2023. A final decision on these applications is not expected until early November.

This is seen as a significant step backward despite many believing that the SEC had begun steadily adopting a more flexible and understanding approach when it came to the crypto industry.

Representative Warren Davidson stated that the seemingly tyrannical rule of Gary Gensler underscores two primary concerns, namely an issue related to Gensler himself and a structural problem within the SEC. To address these issues, Davidson introduced the SEC Stabilization Act, which seeks to remove Gensler and reorganize the SEC.

During a House Financial Services Committee hearing, Gensler faced substantial scrutiny and criticism, particularly regarding the SEC and its initiatives concerning disclosures related to climate and crypto regulation. Republican representatives concentrated their inquiries on these areas, expressing reservations and seeking clarification by Gensler.

Davidson also questioned Gensler and his actions concerning the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) disclosure rule, asserting that his claims of respecting the authority of Congress contradicted his actual conduct.

Notably, Congressman Davidson had previously advocated for the removal of Gensler through the Stabilization Act in June. This proposed bill aimed to transform the SEC into a more democratic institution, rather than being solely led by a single authoritative Chairman.

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