Haider Jamal

Apr 02, 2024

Funding Deals - March 26th To April 1st, 2024

ChainComply (Belgium) successfully secured $364K in Pre-Seed funding led by Blockchain Founders Group on 03/29/2024. ChainComply relieves AML teams from stressing over their crypto-exchanges interactions with a quick and easy source of investigation tools.

Parallel (Canada) is proud to announce a $35M investment in Venture funding with Solana Ventures leading the way on 03/28/2024. Parallel is a sci-fi based competitive card game where players build decks and face off, bank energy, and build armies to decide the fate of humanity.

FLock.io (United Kingdom) secured $6M in Seed funding with Lightspeed Faction backing them on 03/28/2024. FLock.io aims to build a decentralized privacy-preserving solution for AI. By replacing the central entity that collects data and organises machine learning with blockchain, FLock aims to empower users to mine insights from their data and monetize at their discretion.

Midas (Germany) raised $8.7M in Seed funding with BlockTower Capital as their lead investor on 03/28/2024. Through Midas, investors gain exposure to investment-grade securities on-chain, while harnessing the full suite of DeFi applications via a permissionless ERC-20 token.

SPIRIT Blockchain Capital Inc. (Canada) successfully secured $406K in Post-IPO Debt financing on 03/28/2024. SPIRIT is transforming global finance through Web3 technology investments and utilizes proven investment strategies for next-generation capital markets and blockchain infrastructure.

peaq (Singapore) announced $15M in Series A funding with Borderless Capital on board as their lead investor on 03/27/2024. Peaq looks to become the blockchain for real-world applications while empowering users to build DePINs and dApps for mobility, connectivity, energy, and more.

BloodLoop (Switzerland) celebrated a $4M Seed investment with Avalanche backing their vision on 03/27/2024. BloodLoop is a 5v5 tactical hero-shooter game, integrated with blockchain technology.

Lockchain.ai secured $4.6M on 04/01/2024 in Seed funding led by Lerer Hippeau, marking a significant milestone in their journey towards revolutionizing blockchain services.

Burnt (XION) raised a staggering $25M in Series A funding from The Spartan Group, reflecting immense confidence in their vision for the future of chain technology. XION empowers developers and brands to create frictionless Web3 experiences, with a Generalized Abstraction layer that removes technical barriers for all users.

Merkle Trade successfully closed a $2.1M seed round backed by Hashed Fund, underscoring the growing interest in DeFi solutions. Merkle Trade is the first-ever gamified perp DEX where users can trade, level up, and unlock instant rewards.


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