Haider Jamal

Apr 02, 2024

Telegram Introduces Toncoin As New Payment Option For Advertisers

This weekend brings significant news concerning Telegram, namely the integration of Toncoin (TON) as a payment method. This move allows advertisers to purchase in-platform ads using Toncoin. It is a key part of the growing strategy by the platform to create a user-friendly environment while also compensating content creators for their work. Telegram is now distributing 50% of ad revenue generated via ads in public channels directly to their owners, a big change compared to the previous methods used by digital platforms to reward content creators.

The integration of Toncoin as a payment method for ad purchases signals its benefits. By utilizing blockchain technology, Telegram aims to provide users with greater autonomy and flexibility. Users can now participate in promotions with even small amounts of Toncoin, making it easier for content creators to engage their audience.


Expanding Utility

Telegram looks to expand the utility of TON tokens, allowing users to purchase and place ads exclusively on channels they intend to use. This individualized approach ensures ads are targeted to specific audiences, thereby enhancing advertising campaign effectiveness and delivering optimal returns for advertisers.

A notable aspect of this update is the effort by Telegram to streamline the rewards and withdrawal process for channel owners. The introduction of fee-free withdrawals underscores the commitment by Telegram toward supporting its creators. This withdrawal service is set to be available soon on the Telegram Fragment exchange, further strengthening the Toncoin ecosystem and new monetization capabilities.


A Strategic Decision

The choice of the TON Blockchain for this initiative is a strategic move for Telegram, leveraging its low fees and high transaction speeds to offer an efficient solution. The ability of the TON Blockchain to process up to 100,000 transactions per second positions it as an ideal foundation for the aforementioned monetization efforts.

Telegram founder and CEO Pavel Durov highlighted the challenge of monetizing channel ads despite high viewership. The new initiative aims to create a virtuous circle where content owners are rewarded and can reinvest in their channels, fostering a diverse and active media space on Telegram.

By allowing creators to receive Toncoins as payment or reinvestment in their channels, Telegram encourages high-quality content creation and fosters community engagement. The acceptance of TON payments by advertisers and renewed support for in-platform cryptocurrency usage by Telegram signal an innovative business model.


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