Haider Jamal

Apr 22, 2024

Web3 Fundraising Deals - April 16th To April 22nd, 2024

Scallop received a strategic investment by DWF Labs on April 22nd. Scallop is the pioneering next generation P2P money market for the Sui ecosystem and is also the first DeFi protocol to receive an official grant by the Sui Foundation.



MetaBlox Labs secured an undisclosed investment by SamsungNext on April 22nd. MetaBlox is delivering enterprise-grade WiFi roaming to the public worldwide, ensuring uninterrupted, low-cost access to Web3 and the metaverse compared to cellular services.



Only1 attracted a $1,300,000 strategic investment by Newman Capital on April 21st. Only1 is the first NFT-powered social platform built on the Solana blockchain.



SatScreener secured a $500,000 pre-seed investment by Sora Ventures on April 20th. By offering extensive analytics on various facets of Bitcoin, SatScreener provides valuable insights for investors navigating the crypto market.



Superlogic received a substantial $7,600,000 strategic investment by Nima Capital LLC on April 18th. Superlogic is tailored for enterprise clients on a SaaS basis, and it seamlessly integrates with existing CRM, CDP, and traditional loyalty management systems.



Lambda Finance obtained an angel investment of $1,800,000 by AladdinDAO on April 18th. Lambda is a Bitcoin-oriented USD stablecoin protocol that empowers BTC holders to tap into DeFi-based wealth building opportunities.



Plena - Crypto Super App received an undisclosed investment of $5,000,000 on April 17th. Plena is a cutting-edge crypto super app that combines the security of self-custodial wallets with the convenience of a centralized application. It allows users to invest in over 100,000 cryptocurrencies, facilitating transactions, asset swaps, and bridging with just a single tap.



Zeko secured a $3,000,000 pre-seed investment by Signum Capital on April 17th. Zeko is a Layer 2 ZK Rollup ecosystem tailored for zero-knowledge applications (zkApps), settled by Mina Protocol.



Usual attracted a significant $7,000,000 strategic investment by IOSG on April 17th. Usual aims to tackle prevalent stablecoin market challenges by redistributing profits to the community, providing token holders with real yields generated by the RWAs.



Ord.io received a $2,000,000 pre-seed investment by Sora Ventures on April 17th. Ord allows users to participate in the selection and voting process for inscriptions, contributing to the creation of a dynamic and community-driven marketplace experience.



Aark Digital secured a $6,000,000 seed investment by HashKey Capital on April 17th. Aark Digital allows any whitelisted asset to be used as collateral for perpetual contract transactions.



Nebra received a $4,500,000 seed investment by Nascent on April 17th. Nebra is pioneering the development of the first proof aggregation service on Ethereum.


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