Haider Jamal

Apr 29, 2024

Web3 Fundraising Deals - April 23rd To April 29th, 2024

Games for a Living (GFAL) kicks off with a bang, securing $3.2M in seed funding by industry titan Supercell. GFAL is driving mass adoption of blockchain gaming through both an infrastructure that developers can use at no added cost and via the creation of games which showcase said infrastructure.


Optix Protocol (OPTIX) sees success in its private token sale, raising $1.78M with backing by Morningstar Ventures. Optix is a decentralized option protocol where users can buy options on top crypto assets with up to 10x leverage and earn sustainable yield selling options.


Hinkal Protocol enters the strategic funding arena, securing $1.4M with support by The SALT Fund. Hinkal is a ZK-based solution that provides a private smart contract wallet experience, allowing users to participate in their favorite dApps directly without needing to withdraw assets for obfuscation.


L3E7 secures an impressive $10M in undisclosed funding, backed by The Spartan Group, highlighting growing interest in the GameFi sector. L3E7 is an open-world RPG game powered by location-based services (LBS), offering immersive 3D metaverse experiences.


OpenDelta (USDO) secures $2.15M in pre-seed funding, paving the way for stablecoin innovation with support by 6th Man Ventures. OpenDelta introduces a delta-neutral, yield-bearing synthetic dollar, USDO, powered by Bitcoin derivatives. USDO maintains its dollar value by hedging Bitcoin (BTC) collateral deposited by users.


PenPad strategically aligns with Animoca Brands, marking a significant move in blockchain service advancements. PenPad is reshaping Layer-2 with zero-knowledge tech, emphasizing scalable, private dApp development and fair-launch principles.


NATIX Network (NTXT) secures $4.6M in strategic funding, backed by Borderless Capital, driving forward blockchain service solutions. Natix is a blockchain-based and crowdsourced camera network creating a real-time map of the world. This DePIN of cameras uses Natix to map the world whilst simultaneously ensuring that no private data is collected.


Movement Labs secures a staggering $38M in Series A funding led by Polychain Capital, illustrating a strong market appetite for blockchain infrastructure. Movement Labs prioritizes community involvement, characterized by its transparent tokenomics, minimal staking requirements aimed at promoting decentralization, and a protocol architecture that facilitates community-driven expansion. 


Engines of Fury (FURY) partners with Animoca Brands, tapping into the GameFi market with innovative offerings. This is a free-to-play post-apocalyptic top-down extraction shooter, powered by a single deflationary token and NFTs.

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