Haider Jamal

May 06, 2024

ICP Launches Copy Of USDC Via ckUSDC Sepolia

The updated ckETH minter testing version on Internet Computer (ICP) mainnet has been enhanced, now showcasing the Sepolia version of the USDC token. In a recent post on a forum, Christian Müller, Senior Software Engineer at DFINITY, disclosed that users can acquire Sepolia ETH through various available faucets online and Sepolia USDC for interacting with the Sepolia ETH and USDC tokens.


Key Details

Upon acquisition, users can deposit both Sepolia ETH and USDC for minting ckETH and ckUSDC, respectively. DFINITY Foundation, a non-profit organization, is developing technology for the Internet Computer (ICP) blockchain. It should be mentioned that while ckETH is not mandatory for depositing USDC, it is necessary for withdrawing ckUSDC and receiving USDC back.

Moreover, a portion of the ckSepoliaETH will be utilized by the minter canister to cover transfer transactions on the Sepolia testnet. The canister IDs of the ckSepoliaETH minter are also accessible for reference. Furthermore, the ckSepoliaETH minter provides a dashboard showcasing conversions and corresponding Ethereum transactions for both ckETH and ckERC20 transactions. Developers keen on facilitating conversions between ERC20 and the corresponding ck-twin token in their dapps are encouraged to start experimenting with ckUSDC.


Still In Development

Müller underscores that the project is still in development, implying users might encounter bugs and that these should be reported as soon as possible in order to improve the system. There is also a reliable customer support system put in place, he added, which can help out in case the instructions are not clear or if there is any other issue.

It is important to note that currently, there is no user-friendly front-end available, so users should be comfortable using dfx calls, especially for the final step. Last June, the ICP introduced an upgrade proposed by the community to extend support for all canister smart contracts, allowing users to hold and transfer ICP tokens. Meanwhile, DFINITY aims to directly integrate the Bitcoin (BTC) network with the Internet Computer, enabling smart contracts on Bitcoin through an application of Chain Key cryptography, they stated.


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