Haider Jamal

May 13, 2024

Web3 Fundraising Deals - May 07th to May 13th, 2024

Zest Protocol secured $3.5M in Seed funding with the backing of Tim Draper.



UXLINK raised an impressive $5M, partnering with HashKey Capital to revolutionize Social platforms.



StarNest had a Pre-Series A funding of $6M led by Chuangqi International Limited, poised to redefine the Social landscape.



Telos secured $1,000,000 in strategic funding to fuel our mission of revolutionizing the blockchain space.



Presto Labs raised $12,000,000 in seed funding led by HashKey Capital to accelerate efforts in blockchain innovation.



Slingshot has secured $3,000,000 in with support by Alphabit Digital Currency Fraud to drive their mission of social impact through blockchain technology.



Arbelos has raised $28,000,000 in seed funding with the help of DragonFly Capital to further revolutionize DeFi.



BlockBooster has secured $1,500,000 in seed funding with help by OKX Ventures to accelerate their journey in the world of blockchain.



StakedGain made a splash with $500K in Seed funding, gearing up to disrupt the DeFi sector.




Bella Protocol garnered $4M in Seed funding with a strong focus on DeFi, gaining traction with a Twitter Score of +4.



BAC Games scored $1.5M in Seed funding, backed by Gate Ventures, marking a significant stride in the GameFi arena.



Arch Network secured an impressive $7M in Seed funding, supported by Multicoin Capital, amplifying Blockchain Infrastructure development.



Arcium (Elusiv) raised $5.5M in Strategic funding, driving innovations in Blockchain Service, with a remarkable Twitter Score of +19.



AgriDex raised $5M in Pre-Seed funding, cultivating Blockchain Service solutions with the support of Endeavour Capital.



UXUY secured $7M in Pre-Series A funding, with Binance Labs backing, set to redefine DeFi experiences.

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