Haider Jamal

Jun 17, 2024

Web3 Fundraising Deals - 11th To 17th June, 2024

Elys Network raised $2.5M in Seed funding, bolstering their mission to transform blockchain infrastructure. Elys Network is an oracle-based decentralized perpetual trading and leverage lending platform.



Qiro Finance secured $1.2M in Pre-Seed funding by Alliance DAO, advancing their decentralized finance solutions. Qiro Finance is a decentralized credit protocol designed to support credit applications through the use of tokenized real-world assets (RWAs).



Nuffle Labs raised an impressive $13.0M in undisclosed funding led by Electric Capital, focusing on blockchain gaming advancements. Nuffle Labs are the builders behind NEAR Data Availability (DA) and the NEAR Fast Finality Layer (NFFL).



Bondex received strategic backing via Animoca Brands, enhancing their position in blockchain gaming. Bondex is a Web3 Talent Network where users own part of the ecosystem via tokenized rewards



Carv secured an undisclosed amount of funding by double jump.tokyo, Inc., driving innovations in digital assets. Carv is a ID infrastructure focused on gaming.



Folks Finance secured an undisclosed amount in Strategic funding with support by Black Alpha. Built on the Algorand blockchain, the protocol offers services of borrowing and lending in a decentralized and permissionless way. Through the lending operations, Folks users can lend their crypto-asset liquidity, and start earning a passive, economic return on their assets immediately.



REVOX (ReadON) secured an undisclosed amount in Strategic funding via SevenX Ventures, pushing boundaries in content consumption through blockchain. REVOX empowers developers, organizations, and individuals by providing a comprehensive suite of component APIs and diverse data sources.



Nexus Network secured $1.0M in Seed funding by Hashed Emergent, expanding their blockchain networking capabilities. Nexus Network is a non-custodial staking middleware designed for Ethereum rollups.



Skytopia raised $2.4M in Seed funding by Vertex Labs, advancing their vision for decentralized applications. Skytopia is a Web3 entertainment brand that aims to merge various forms of entertainment, including gaming.



Yuliverse secured $4.00M in Pre-Series A funding with help by DWF Labs. Yuliverse is an alternative reality metaverse parallel to the real world. As a game-based social application, it features thousands of engaging and imaginative storylines. Players can immerse themselves in these narratives and participate in role-playing activities to complete quests, earning $ARG and $ART tokens as rewards.

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