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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date
GemFlow $2M Seed Unknown 04/22/2024
PairedWorld Switzerland $1.5M Initial Coin Offering Unknown 04/22/2024
SPF META Hong Kong $50M Series A Andreessen Horowitz 04/23/2024
Topl United States $1.2M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 04/23/2024
Uncharted $1.7M Seed Unknown 04/23/2024
Turnkey United States $15M Series A Galaxy Interactive 04/23/2024
GSTechnologies Australia $2.1M Post-IPO Equity Unknown 04/23/2024
Moso $2M Seed Unknown 04/24/2024
Movement Labs United States $38M Series A Polychain 04/25/2024
Offline Protocol $100K Pre-Seed Unknown 04/25/2024
Aligned Layer Argentina $20M Series A Hack VC 04/25/2024
Anichess Hong Kong $1.8M Seed Amber Group 04/25/2024
Adot United States $3M Seed gumi Cryptos Capital (gCC) 04/25/2024
ChainML United States $6.2M Seed Hack VC 05/13/2024
Gamic Nigeria $1.8M Seed Binance Labs 05/14/2024
Hylé 0 $800K Pre-Seed Unknown 05/14/2024
Zeta Markets United Kingdom $5M Initial Coin Offering Electric Capital 05/14/2024
Polymarket United States $25M Series A General Catalyst 05/14/2024
Anomaly 0 $1.45M Pre-Seed Unknown 05/14/2024
Polymarket United States $45M Series B Founders Fund 05/14/2024
Hylé 0 $2.6M Seed Framework Ventures 05/14/2024
Solana Gods United States $800K Funding Round Unknown 05/15/2024
Dora Factory Singapore $1M Grant Cosmos Network 05/15/2024
Multipool 0 $650K Venture - Series Unknown NXGEN 05/15/2024
Re United States $7M Venture - Series Unknown Electric Capital 05/15/2024
DoraHacks United States $1M Grant Cosmos Network 05/15/2024
Chainstack Singapore $6M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 05/15/2024
Intensity Labs 0 $6.9M Seed dao5 05/15/2024
CRUDO Protocol 0 $210K Initial Coin Offering Unknown 05/16/2024
Ledger Works United States $1M Pre-Seed Varys Capital 05/19/2024
Hannuo Digital China $703K Seed Prime Intelligence Solutions Group 05/20/2024
StripChain 0 $10M Venture - Series Unknown Sora Ventures 05/22/2024
Kelp DAO 0 $9M Seed SCB Limited 05/22/2024
Zaros Finance Panama $1.2M Seed Unknown 05/22/2024
Lucid Green United States $1.1M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 05/23/2024
Dora Factory Singapore $10M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 05/23/2024
Feature United States $1.9M Seed 2 Punks Capital 05/26/2024
Aperture Finance United States 6.7M Series A Blockchain Founders Fund 05/28/2024
Coinflow Labs United States $2.25M Seed CMT Digital Ventures 05/28/2024
El Dorado Columbia $3M Seed Coinbase Ventures 05/28/2024
Open Social 0 $5M Seed Portal Ventures 05/28/2024
GaiaNet United States $10M Seed Unknown 05/28/2024
Oracle Meme 0 $208K Initial Coin Offering Unknown 05/28/2024
Switchboard United States $7.5M Series A Rockaway Blockchain Fund 05/28/2024
BlockDAG 0 $34M Initial Coin Offering Unknown 05/29/2024
Bank of Memories Ukraine $10K Grant European Innovation Council 05/29/2024
SCRYPT Digital Switzerland $4.99M Venture - Series Unknown Braza Bank 05/29/2024
Pakt 0 $750K Pre-Seed Unknown 05/29/2024
Supervillain Labs 0 $4.5M Seed Aptos 05/29/2024
PlayDoge 0 $270K Initial Coin Offering Unknown 05/29/2024
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