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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date
Vottun Spain $214K Seed LLYC Venturing 05/25/2023
Tanssi Network France $3M Seed Arrington Capital 05/24/2023
Num Finance Argentina $1.5M Pre-Seed H2O Scouter Fund 05/23/2023
Openfort $3M Seed Alex Masmej 05/22/2023
Houdini Swap United States $250K Seed Theia Blockchain 05/22/2023
BoomLand Dubai $1M Pre-Seed Game7 05/22/2023
Kairos Loan $1M Seed Aave 05/22/2023
Nexus Verse $500K Pre-Seed Unknown 05/19/2023
PYOR India $3.9M Seed Balaji Srinivasan 05/18/2023
Zero Day Labs $432K Seed Unknown 05/18/2023
Airstack United States $3.2M Pre-Seed Acacia Venture Capital Partners 05/17/2023
River Financial United States $35M Series B Alarko Ventures 05/16/2023
Auradine United States $71M Series A Celesta Capital 05/16/2023
Asymmetry Finance $3M Seed Ecco Capital 05/16/2023
Anotherblock Stockholm $4.3M Seed Axel Christofer Hedfors 05/16/2023
HackerNoon United States $250K Seed Arweave 05/15/2023
Hourglass United States $4.2M Seed Circle 05/15/2023
Clout Scoop India $600 Pre-Seed Unknown 05/15/2023
Smilee Finance United Kingdom $2M Seed Barry Fried 05/12/2023
Parex Market United States $6.5M Seed Bitgert 05/12/2023
Humanscape South Korea $15M Series C Carelabs 05/12/2023
Quantum Digital Assets United States $49K Seed Unknown 05/12/2023
Odsy Network $7.5M Seed Blockchange Ventures 05/11/2023
Lavita $5M Seed Camford Capital 05/10/2023
Pudgy Penguins United States $9M Seed 1kx 05/09/2023
Blocktorch United States $4.2M Seed Alchemy Ventures 05/09/2023
Wall India $50K Seed Graviton Web3 Accelerator 05/09/2023
Webb Protocol United States $7M Seed CMS Holdings 05/08/2023
Artifact Labs Hong Kong $3.25M Seed Animoca Ventures 05/08/2023
Siphon Lab United States $1.2M Seed BT Growth Capital 05/08/2023
MetaParallel United States $450K Seed Google 05/08/2023
Vibe United States $4M Seed Aglaé Ventures 05/04/2023
zkLink Singapore $10M Seed Ascensive Assets 05/04/2023
OpenTrade United Kingdom $1.5M Seed Circle 05/04/2023
Home Lending Pal United States $100K Seed Northwestern Mutual Black Founder Accelerator 05/04/2023
Fedi United States $17M Series A Ego Death Capital 05/03/2023
Portals Canada $2M Seed 0xMaki aki 05/03/2023
Reasoned Art Italy $1.5M Seed B Heroes 05/03/2023
Tristero $4.8M Seed General Catalyst 05/03/2023
Entendre Finance $4M Seed Alpine Venture Capital 05/01/2023
Fanton Israel $300K Pre-Seed Emmanuel Costa 04/28/2023
Zodia Custody United Kingdom $36M Series A SC Ventures 04/27/2023
Catalyst $4.2M Seed Aditi Sriram 04/26/2023
DFlow Nicaragua $5.5M Seed Benedict Brady 04/25/2023
MetaCRM $2.5M Seed Cherubic Ventures 04/25/2023
AI WORLD $3M Seed SoftBank Capital 04/25/2023
Teahouse Finance Taiwan $5M Seed Alves Ventures 04/24/2023
Dspace $1M Seed Cypher Capital 04/24/2023
Rise United States $3.8M Seed Aytan Benaderet 04/24/2023
Vega $2M Seed Arcane Group 04/23/2023
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