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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date
Bitfarms Canada $100M Post-IPO Debt Galaxy Digital 12/31/2021
Immutable Holdings Puerto Rico $15M Post-IPO Equity Unknown 12/31/2021
Umee $32M Initial Coin Offering Unknown 12/30/2021
CyberHash Singapore $20M Series A Lemon Capital 12/30/2021
aquama Switzerland $980K Series C Unknown 12/30/2021
Overeality $5M Seed DHVC 12/30/2021
DeBank Singapore $25M Series A Sequoia Capital China 12/28/2021
Scarce City $690K Seed Unknown 12/28/2021
Primex Finance Estonia $5.7M Seed CoinFund 12/28/2021
MetaMall United Kingdom $4.6M Initial Coin Offering Unknown 12/27/2021
StarSharks $4.8M Seed Unknown 12/23/2021
BetaMars $2.5M Seed Pluto Capital 12/24/2021
Diamond Standard United States $6M Debt Financing Unknown 12/23/2021
Tibles United States $3m Seed Cadenza Capital Management 12/22/2021
B.Protocol Israel $2.2M Seed 1kx 12/22/2021
Astra Protocol $9M Initial Coin Offering Republic 12/22/2021
Shakepay Canada $20M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 12/22/2021
Multichain $60M Seed Binance Labs 12/21/2021
Interlay United Kingdom $6.5M Venture - Series Unknown Digital Finance Group 12/21/2021
Solscan $4M Seed Electric Capital 12/21/2021
RNDR Token United States $30M Initial Coin Offering Multicoin Capital 12/21/2021
Metadome (formerly Adloid) India $4M Seed Unknown 12/20/2021
Cherry $2.9M Seed 12/20/2021
Cowboy Snake $2.1M Seed Unknown 12/20/2021
Rvvup United Kingdom $7.5M Seed Unknown 12/20/2021
Gear Technologies. United States $12M Series A Unknown 12/20/2021
Figment United States $110M Series C Thoma Bravo 12/20/2021
Acknoledger $249K Seed Eximius Ventures 12/20/2021
CheckSig Italy $1.7M Seed Unknown 12/17/2021
Raison Estonia $900K Seed Server Partners 12/17/2021
Vibra Africa $6M Seed CRE Venture Capital 12/17/2021
Trove Africa $15K Grant Ecobank 12/17/2021
Bitfy Brazil $2.3M Seed Borderless Capital 12/16/2021
Hubble Protocol $3.6M Seed Unknown 12/16/2021
Aztec Protocol United Kingdom $17M Series A Paradigm 12/16/2021
Nansen Singapore $75M Series B Accel 12/16/2021
Agrotoken Buenos Aires $5M Seed Unknown 12/16/2021
Picture This Stockholm $1.6M Pre-Seed True Global Ventures (TGV) 12/16/2021
Sound $5M Seed Andreessen Horowitz 12/15/2021
Ramp Poland $52.7M Series A Balderton 12/15/2021
Proof of Impact Holland $2.3M Seed Altera Investments 12/15/2021
Anchorage Digital United States $350M Series D Kohlberg Kravis Roberts 12/15/2021
Lambda256 South Korea $75.7M Series B Woori Technology Investment 12/15/2021
Bitturk Turkey $2M Corporate Round Unknown 12/14/2021
Chain Core Technology China $1M Angel Unknown 12/14/2021 Georgia $500K Seed Unknown 12/14/2021
CyBall $1.8M Seed BITKRAFT Ventures 12/14/2021
Lum Network France $4M Initial Coin Offering Arcanum Capital 12/14/2021
Ex Populus United States $8.5M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 12/14/2021
NYDIG United States $1B Private Equity WestCap 12/14/2021
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