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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date
Ecoin Foundation United Kingdom $50K Seed Unknown 09/03/2021
UXD Protocol $3M Seed Multicoin Capital 09/02/2021
Cabital Singapore $4M Seed Susquehanna International Group 09/02/2021
Cybertino Lab $10M Seed Unknown 09/02/2021
SIMBA Chain United States $25M Series A Valley Capital Partners 09/01/2021
Hyype United States $1.5M Seed Electric Capital 09/01/2021
Syndicate $20M Series A Andreessen Horowitz 08/31/2021
Offchain Labs United States $100M Series B Lightspeed Venture Partners 08/31/2021
UniWhales 0 $2.2M Seed Signum Capital 08/31/2021
Zeptagram Sweden Unknown Private Sale Community 09/15/2021
ML Tech United States $1.75M Seed Unknown 08/31/2021
Skeps United States $9.5M Series A Bertelsmann India Investments 08/31/2021
Coinpanion Austria $2.7M Seed High-Tech Grunderfonds 08/31/2021
Daliado Germany $80K Pre-Seed Unknown 08/27/2021
Euler United Kingdom $8M Series A Paradigm 08/25/2021
Liquid Global Japan $120M Debt Financing FTX 08/25/2021
Amachains Brazil $77K Angel Anjos do Brasil 08/25/2021
Blockstream Canada $210M Series B Baillie Gifford 08/24/2021
Hedgehog $1.6M Seed Dragonfly Capital Partners 08/24/2021
FynCom United States $195K Pre-Seed GoAhead Ventures 08/24/2021
Home Lending Pal United States $2.2M Seed The Mortgage Collaborative 08/23/2021
Chainflip Germany $6M Seed Framework Ventures 08/19/2021
CertiK United States $24M Series B GL Ventures 06/19/2021
Highstreet Canada $5M Seed Cherubic Ventures 08/18/2021
MobileCoin United States $66M Series B Unknown 08/18/2021
Bitpanda Austria $263M Series C Alan Howard 08/17/2021
PDAX | Philippine Digital Asset Exchange Philippines $12.5M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 08/17/2021
Figment United States $50M Series B Liberty City Ventures 08/16/2021
DoxyChain Poland $462K Seed Unknown 08/16/2021
Lygon Australia $5M Seed Aura Ventures 08/16/2021
TaxBit United States $130M Series B Insight Partners 08/12/2021
Bitwave United States $7.25M Seed Blockchain Capital 08/12/2021
Exactly $3M Seed Kasey Reisman 08/12/2021
CHAMPtitles United States $8.5M Series A Eos Venture Partners 08/11/2021
CoinDCX India $90M Series C B Capital Group 08/10/2021
FalconX United States $210M Series C Altimeter Capital 08/10/2021
Helium United States $111M Initial Coin Offering Andreessen Horowitz 08/10/2021
Blocktrade Liechtenstein $26M Series A Unknown 08/10/2021
Horizen Labs United States $7M Seed Kenetic 08/10/2021
Liquality $7M Seed Galaxy Digital 08/10/2021
Chekkit Africa $500K Pre-Seed Blockchain Founders Fund 08/10/2021
Soldex AI $1.5M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 08/10/2021
Mudrex United States $2.5M Seed Nexus Venture Partners 08/09/2021
Pintu Indonesia $35M Series A Lightspeed Venture Partners 08/09/2021
Prifina United States $1M Pre-Seed Unknown 08/09/2021
CYBAVO Singapore $4M Funding Round Unknown 08/08/2021
Hyperithm Japan $11M Series B Hashed 08/06/2021
Messari United States $21M Series A Point72 Ventures 08/05/2021
TrueFi United States $12.5M Initial Coin Offering BlockTower Capital 08/05/2021
UX3D Germany $295K Seed Unknown 08/05/2021
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