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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date
Sahara AI United States $6M Seed Polychain 03/05/2024
Hedgehog Protocol $1.5M Pre-Seed Unknown 03/06/2024
Firewall United States $3.7M Pre-Seed Breyer Capital 03/06/2024
Nav $2M Seed Unknown 03/07/2024
Zama France $73M Series A Multicoin Capital 03/07/2024
Green Bitcoin $3.2M Initial Coin Offering Unknown 03/11/2024
Blockus United States $4M Pre-Seed Maple VC 01/11/2024
Eclipse United States $50M Series A Hack VC 03/11/2024
MetaCene Singapore $10M Series A Folius Ventures 03/11/2024
Key United States $4.3M Seed Felicis 03/11/2024
Resrcle Italy $87K Pre-Seed 20V 03/11/2024
Recap United Kingdom $381K Grant Innovate UK 03/11/2024
Elixir United States $8M Series B Maelstrom 03/12/2024
Kulipa United States $3M Seed Unknown 03/12/2024
SnowSeed Indonesia $5M Seed Medi Crypto International 03/12/2024
Coinbase United States $1.1B Post-IPO Debt Unknown 03/13/2024
Gaxos.AI United States $3.5M Post-IPO Equity Unknown 03/13/2024
Clique United States $8M Series A Polychain 03/14/2024
mmERCH United States $6.4M Seed Liberty City Ventures 03/14/2024
Polyhedra Network United States $20M Series B Polychain 03/14/2024
D2X Group The Netherlands $10M Series A Point72 Ventures 03/14/2024
Nyan Heroes Singapore $3M Venture - Series Unknown Mechanism Capital 03/14/2024
Berachain United States $69M Venture - Series Unknown BH Digital 03/15/2024
Zone Nigeria $8.5M Seed Flourish Ventures 03/18/2024
Figure Markets United States $60M Series A Jump Crypto 03/18/2024
EVEN United States $750K Seed Unknown 03/18/2024
Bull Project United Kingdom $16K Pre-Seed Startupbootcamp 03/18/2024
BitBrand United States $500K Seed Unknown 03/18/2024
MANTRA Hong Kong $11M Venture - Series Unknown Shorooq Partners 03/19/2024
Umoja $2M Seed Unknown 03/19/2024
Coin Mart United States $3M Venture - Series Unknown IDG Capital 03/19/2024
Tokenize Xchange Singapore $15.5M Series A TRIVE 03/19/2024
MANTRA DAO $11M Series A Shorooq Partners 03/19/2024
Keyring Network United Kingdom $6M Seed Greenfield 03/19/2024
GRVT Singapore $2.2M Seed QCP Capital 03/19/2024
MANTRA Hong Kong $11M Seed Unknown 03/19/2024
Cathedral Studios United Kingdom $6.6M Seed Arca 03/19/2024
Matter Labs Germany $50M Initial Coin Offering Sygnum 03/19/2024
Morph Singapore $1M Angel Unknown 03/20/2024
Morph Singapore $19M Seed Dragonfly 03/20/2024
Kemet Trading United States $5M Angel Unknown 03/20/2024
Ago The Netherlands $2.5M Initial Coin Offering Unknown 03/20/2024
Rails Cayman Islands $6.2M Seed Slow Ventures 03/21/2024
CoinMart The Netherlands $4M Seed IDG Capital 03/21/2024
Tanssi Network France $6M Seed KR1 03/21/2024
Succinct United States $55M Series A Paradigm 03/21/2024
Espresso Systems United States $28M Series B a16z crypto 03/21/2024
NOMOEX Poland $2M Seed Adydton Ventures 03/25/2024
Nubit $3M Pre-Seed Unknown 03/25/2024
0G Labs $35M Pre-Seed Hack VC 03/25/2024
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