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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date
MFPay Singapore $168K Seed Malina VC 12/26/2023
Murasaki The Netherlands $438K Seed Hiroki Machida 12/26/2023
Burn Ghost United States $1.3M Seed Unknown 01/03/2024
EZ Swap United Kingdom $1M Seed EOS Network Ventures 01/03/2024
Bracket Labs $2M Pre-Seed Unknown 01/04/2024
OrgoCore India $1.5M Series A Unknown 01/07/2024
Argo Blockchain United Kingdom $9.9M Post-IPO Equity Unknown 01/08/2024
Freechat Hong Kong $80M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 01/08/2023
Umoja $2M Seed Unknown 01/09/2024
AI Arena Canada $6M Series A Framework Ventures 01/09/2024
Finoa Germany $15M Series B Balderton Capital 01/09/2024
NoahArk Tech Group $2.4M Grant EOS Network Foundation 01/10/2024
Tune.FM $20M Venture - Series Unknown LDA Capital 01/10/2024
WaveBL United States $11M Series B NewRoad Capital Partners 01/11/2024
Pontem Network Singapore $6M Seed Lightspeed Venture Partners 01/11/2024
CharacterX Singapore $2.8M Seed Google 01/11/2024
Reapbitex $6M Seed Unknown 01/15/2024
Renzo $3.2M Seed Maven 11 Capital 01/15/2024
Four Pillars South Korea $524K Pre-Seed Unknown 01/16/2024
Cryptostar Canada $1.4M Post-IPO Equity Unknown 01/17/2024
DatChat United States $1.8M Post-IPO Equity Unknown 01/17/2024
Alphathena United States $4M Seed ETFS Capital 01/18/2024
zbyte United States $4M Seed Unknown 01/18/2024
Flowdesk France $50M Series B Cathay Innovation 01/18/2024
WOO Network Taiwan $9M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 01/18/2024
Kiln France $17M Series A 1kx 01/18/2024
VETA FINANCE Hong Kong $2.8M Seed Matrixport 01/23/2024
Polymer Labs u $23M Series A Blockchain Capital 01/23/2024
KEKKAI Japan $1.5M Seed Unknown 01/23/2024
Masa United States $5.4M Seed Anagram 01/23/2024
bitsCrunch Germany $2.4M Venture - Series Unknown Cypher Capital 01/23/2024
Dex Explore $50K Initial Coin Offering Unknown 01/24/2024
Algotech $1.1M Initial Coin Offering Unknown 01/24/2024
Bagel Network United States $3.1M Pre-Seed CoinFund 01/24/2024
Sygnum Switzerland $40M Venture - Series Unknown Azimut Holding 01/25/2024
ThoreCoin India $500K Series A Unknown 01/26/2024
Gateway $23K Funding Round Unknown 01/29/2024
Cube Group United States $12M Series A 6th Man Ventures 01/29/2024
Gevulot $6M Seed Variant 01/29/2024
Infrared Finance Canada $2.5M Seed Synergis Capital 01/29/2024
Plater Network $2M Grant Unknown 01/30/2024
Nebeus United Kingdom $270M Debt Financing Unknown 01/30/2024
Portal United States $34M Seed Unknown 01/30/2024
BlokID United States $1.25M Seed AppWorks 01/31/2024
Squid Switzerland $4M Series A Polychain 01/31/2024
Resrcle Italy $86K Pre-Seed 01/05/2024
The Wyoming Reserve United States $250K Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 12/05/2024
Startale Labs Singapore $3.5M Series A Unknown 02/05/2024
MediConCen Hong Kong $6.8M Series A HSBC Asset Management 02/06/2024
LightLink Singapore $4.5M Seed MQDC 02/06/2024
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