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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date
Opyn United States $6.7M Series A Paradigm 21-Feb
Rarible United Kingdom $1.75M Seed 1kx 21-Feb
retraced Germany $1.2M Seed Samaipata Ventures 21-Feb
Atomica United States $20K Grant LongHash Ventures 21-Feb
Robinhood United States $2.4B Convertible Note Ribbit Capital 21-Feb Ireland $6.6M Debt Financing CRiF 21-Feb
CoinSwitch Kuber India $15M Series A Ribbit Capital 21-Jan
Biconomy Singapore $1.5M Seed Eden Block 21-Jan
Norwegian Block Exchange Norway $7.1M Venture Pareto Securities 21-Jan
Eligma Slovenia $4.9M Venture 21-Jan
Numbers Protocol Taiwan $350K Unknown Darwin Venture Management 21-Jan
Ethereum Push Notification Service Singapore $750K Seed Andrew Chen 20-Dec
Bitso Mexico $62M Series B Coinbase Ventures 20-Dec
Transak United Kingdom $410K Seed Tachyon 20-Dec
NUTS Finance Hong Kong $500K Angel Shata Capital 20-Dec
1inch Exchange Germany $12M Series A Pantera Capital 20-Dec
Bit2Me Spain $1.2M Seed Inverady 20-Dec
GeoDB United Kingdom 2.7M Crowdfund Unknown 20-Dec
Bitwala Germany $18M Venture Earlybird Venture Capital 20-Dec
Medable United States $91M Series C Sapphire Ventures 20-Nov
Show Pay China $1.5M Angel Jinghe Touzi 20-Nov
Lunar Crush United States $1M Seed Draper Goren Holm 20-Nov
Union United States $3.9M Seed Alameda Research 20-Nov
Nebeus United Kingdom $5.1M Crowdfund Unknown 20-Nov
Track-Back New Zealand Unknown Seed LIC AgCelerator 20-Nov
Automata United Kingdom $7.4M Series A Hummingbird Ventures 20-Nov
3Commas Canada $3M Series A Alameda Research 20-Nov
Transmute United States $2M Seed Kerr Tech Investments 20-Oct
Casper Labs Switzerland $14M ICO Digital Strategies 20-Oct
BTC Direct The Netherlands $12.9M Series A Undisclosed 20-Oct
Boardroom Labs United States $2.2M Seed Standard Crypto 20-Oct
Persistance One Singapore $3.7M ICO Arrington XRP Capital 20-Oct
Covalent Canada $3.1M Seed Woodstock Fund 20-Oct
Unocoin India $5M Series A Draper Associates 20-Oct
Braintrust United States $18M Venture ACME 20-Oct
Fluree United States $6.5M Seed 4490 Ventures 20-Oct
Data Gumbo United States $4M Series B L37 Venture Partners 20-Sep
Robinhood United States $660M Series G D1 Capital Partners 20-Sep
Pure Stake United States $1.4M Seed Hypersphere Ventures 20-Sep
Skynet Labs United States $3M Seed A.Capital Ventures 20-Sep
Equilibrium United States $27K Grant Web3 Foundation 20-Sep
Wirex United States $3.2M Crowdfund SBI Holdings 20-Sep
Fan-Controlled Football League United States $5.2M Unknown Lightspeed Venture Partners 20-Sep
Zero Hash United States $4.7M Seed tastytrade 20-Sep
Mercuryo Estonia $2.9M Seed Target Global 20-Sep
Cashaa United Kingdom $5M Seed O1ex 20-Sep
Morpher Austria $1.2M Seed APEX Ventures 20-Aug
BlockFi United States $50M Series C Morgan Creek Digital 20-Aug
1inch Exchange Germany $2.8M Seed Binance Labs 20-Aug
Oin Finance South Korea $1M ICO Multiple 20-Aug
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