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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date
Lore United States $2.3M Seed Arca 08/16/2023
ZetaChain France $27M Series A 08/16/2023
Xixiang Ecological Chain Collection China $1.1M Seed Bored Room Ventures 08/16/2023
DynamoFL United States $15.1M Series A Canapi Ventures 08/16/2023
BitGo United States $100M Series C Unknown 08/16/2023
THUNDERBIRDS.ME INC United States $3M Seed Unknown 08/20/2023
ThoreCoin India $200K Series A Unknown 08/21/2023
Balam Mexico $400K Pre-Seed Rockstart 07/21/2023
Nitrility United States $50K Pre-Seed Anush Amin 08/21/2023
Anytype Germany $13.2 M Series A Adam Wiggins 08/23/2023
DEBOOK $1K Pre-Seed Unknown 08/27/2023
Buidler DAO $2M Seed Bing Ventures 08/28/2023
DRiP United States $3M Seed 6th Man Ventures 08/28/2023
IronMill United States $2.6M Seed Blockchain Builders Fund 08/30/2023
fija Finance GmbH Germany $550K Pre-Seed Unknown 08/31/2023
Medallion Canada $21M Seed Unknown 09/01/2023
TrendsJack India $60K Seed Unknown 09/02/2023
Infinimos United States $3M Seed IDG Capital 09/05/2023
Freename Switzerland $2.5M Seed Abalone Asset Management 09/05/2023
Niftmint United States $100K Pre-Seed Andreessen Horowitz 09/06/2023
Trident Digital United States $8M Seed CMT Digital Ventures 09/06/2023
OpenCover United Kingdom $4M Seed Alliance 09/07/2023
Nestcoin Spain $1.9M Seed 4DX Ventures 09/07/2023 $16.5M Series A Elevation Capital 09/07/2023
THUNDERBIRDS.ME INC United States $4M Seed DelMorgan & Co. 09/08/2023
Pop Social United States $4M Seed Ceras Ventures 09/08/2023
RAI United States $1.85M Seed EST GLOBAL INC. 09/10/2023
Evertwine $1.2M Seed Unknown 09/11/2023
ILUMA United States $120K Pre-Seed Techstars 09/12/2023
Parallax United States $4.5M Seed Balaji Srinivasan 09/12/2023
Octav Canada $2.65M Seed ACET Capital 09/12/2023
Range Protocol Canada $3.75M Seed Asymm Ventures 09/12/2023
Layer N $5M Seed Amber Group 09/13/2023
Immix United States $2.7M Seed MassMutual Ventures 09/13/2023 United States $3M Seed Andrew Barnes 09/14/2023
Fipto France $21M Seed Motier Ventures 09/14/2023
Alpha Vault Dubai $250K Seed Unknown 09/15/2023
Blockmate Slovakia $1.6M Seed 09/15/2023
Bubblemaps France $4.3M Seed Avalanche 09/18/2023
Swisstronik $5M Seed Unknown 09/18/2023
GRVT Singapore $5M Seed ABCDE 09/19/2023
GEEIQ United Kingdom $10.8M Series A FOV Ventures 09/19/2023
ThoreCoin India $100K Series B Grapes IT Solutions 09/20/2023
Orb United States $2.1M Pre-Seed Aave Ventures 09/21/2023
Sensefinity Germany $1.1M Seed Unknown 09/22/2023
Qwarks France $846K Pre-Seed HUB612 09/25/2023
Cygnetise United Kingdom $3M Seed Adjuvo 09/25/2023
Pimlico United Kingdom $1.6M Pre-Seed 1confirmation 09/25/2023
Whalepass United States $50K Pre-Seed Unknown 09/26/2023
Fhenix Israel $7M Seed Bankless Ventures 09/26/2023
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