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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date
Gamentis Philippines Unknown Seed Unknown 07/28/2022
Metabit Unknown $2M Seed Unknown 07/28/2022
Nomad United States Unknown Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 07/28/2022
Center $11M Seed Unknown 07/28/2022
Quasar Labs $6M Seed Blockchain Capital 07/28/2022
Unstoppable Domains United States $65M Series A Pantera Capital 07/27/2022
EvaCodes Ukraine $500K Seed 07/27/2022
Socket $2M Pre-Seed IDEO CoLab Ventures 07/27/2022
Crypto SNACK $50M Series A GEM Digital Ltd. 07/27/2022
Zero Data Technology China Unknown Series B Unknown 07/27/2022
Tokie farm $500K Seed Unknown 07/27/2022
Sumo Signals $5.5M Seed OnDeck Venture 07/27/2022
Magicave $5.6M Seed BITKRAFT Ventures 07/27/2022
Strive India $500K Pre-Seed Unknown 07/27/2022
Coinfeeds United States $2M Seed FTX Ventures 07/27/2022
Aftermath Islands $25M Venture - Series Unknown LDA Capital 07/26/2022
ILUMA United States $2.5M Pre-Seed Acrew Capital 07/26/2022
Fanzee Labs United States $2M Pre-Seed 07/26/2022
Hashgreed Africa $1M Seed Unknown 07/26/2022
Crypso India $3.8M Seed Better Capital 07/26/2022
Artfi Dubai $3.2M Pre-Seed Sheikha Hend Al Qassemi 07/26/2022
Popstox Unknown Pre-Seed Unknown 07/26/2022
Topl United States $15M Series A Cryptology Asset Group 07/26/2022
Aptos United States $150M Series A FTX Ventures 07/25/2022
DSCVR $9M Seed Polychain 07/25/2022
Coinzix Romania $300K Seed Legion Ventures 07/25/2022
KuCoin Africa $10M Venture - Series Unknown Susquehanna International Group (SIG) 07/21/2022
DigiBuild United States $4M Seed Unknown 07/25/2022
Hashflow United States $25M Series A Unknown 07/21/2022
Optic United States $11M Seed Kleiner Perkins 07/19/2022
Halborn United States $90M Series A Summit Partners 07/19/2022
Astro Space Unknown Pre-Seed Unknown 07/19/2022
Meow $22M Series A Tiger Global Management 07/18/2022
Fitchin $3.5M Seed Unknown 07/18/2022
Mawson Infrastructure Australia $6.4M Post-IPO Equity Unknown 07/18/2022
CLST Switzerland Unknown Seed Unknown 07/18/2022
Noonshot United States $160K Pre-Seed John Ralston 07/18/2022
CLST Switzerland Unknown Seed Unknown 07/18/2022
CLST Switzerland Unknown Seed The Spartan Group 07/18/2022
Empiric Network $7M Seed Variant 07/17/2022
Unum ID United States $2M Seed 1414 Ventures 07/15/2022
Allium United States $4.25M Pre-Seed Unknown 07/15/2022
Xita Technology China Unknown Series A Security Capital 07/15/2022
Shardeum Unknown Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 07/15/2022
Prometeo Chain System LLC Kazakhstan Unknown Seed Unknown 07/15/2022
Supermojo United States $6M Seed BH Digital 07/14/2022
ZKX Unknown $4.5M Seed Unknown 07/14/2022
Gnosis Gibraltar $100M Venture - Series Unknown 07/14/2022
DAOLens India Unknown Pre-Seed Unknown 07/14/2022
BRICKBRO Spain $204K Debt Financing Unknown 07/14/2022
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