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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date
Obligate Switzerland $4M Seed Blockchange Ventures 01/19/2023
SphereOne United States $2.5M Seed Distributed Global 01/19/2023
Ulvetanna United States $15M Seed Bain Capital Crypto 01/19/2023
Koinos Group $500K Seed Blockchain Founders Fund 01/19/2023
Metahood United States $3M Seed 1confirmation 01/18/2023
Obol Technologies United States $12.5M Series A a41 Ventures 01/17/2023
Syky United States $9.5M Series A BH Digital 01/17/2023
Intella X Singapore $12M Seed Animoca Brands 01/17/2023
Collective Shift Australia $1.1M Seed RNR Capital 01/17/2023
Elixir United States $2.1M Seed Arthur Hayes 01/17/2023
pieFi United States $4.6M Seed Kickstart 01/17/2023
BitOoda United States Unknown Series A RWE 01/17/2023
Authic Labs Amsterdam Unknown Pre-Seed Graduate Entrepreneur Fund 01/17/2023
Bunzz Singapore $6.1M Seed 01booster 01/17/2023
Trusta Labs United States $3M Seed GGV Capital 01/17/2023
Dinglian Digital China Unknown Seed Security Capital 01/17/2023
WeaveDB LTD Abu Dhabi $900K Pre-Seed Arweave 01/17/2023
Pura Vida Global United Kingdom Unknown Pre-Seed Unknown 01/17/2023
Cerchia Switzerland $1.4M Seed High-Tech Grunderfonds 01/16/2023
FilSwan Canada $3M Seed BetterverseDAO 01/16/2023
MCL Cayman Islands $500K Pre-Seed Unknown 01/15/2023
Vedi Australia $3M Seed Companion Fund 01/13/2023
Quantum Temple United States $2M Pre-Seed Algorand Foundation 01/12/2023
CyberX China $15M Series A Foresight Ventures 01/12/2022
SpiderOak United States Series C Madison Dearborn Partners 01/12/2022
Digital village France $4M Seed British Fashion Council 01/12/2023
DigiShares United States $100K Seed Unknown 01/12/2023
Quasar Labs Spain $5.4M Anagram 01/11/2023
Hedge United States Unknown Seed StartupFon 01/11/2023
Open Forest Protocol Switzerland $4.1M Pre-Seed Aera VC 01/10/2023
Cryptiony Poland $725K Pre-Seed ff Venture Capital 01/10/2023
The Easy Company United States $14.2M Seed 6th Man Ventures 01/10/2023
Arcana Network India $250K Seed Beacon 01/10/2023
Koywe United States $1.1M Seed BRIDGE 01/10/2023
Yumitpay Chile Unknown Seed Unknown 01/10/2023
C14 United States $2.5M Seed Cipholio Ventures 01/9/2023
DeBox Singapore $2M Seed ABCDE 01/9/2023
Candy Digital United States Unknown Series A 10T Holdings 01/06/2023
MSafe United States %5M Seed Circle 01/05/2023
Reach Cloud United States Unknown Pre-Seed Unknown 01/05/2023
Calvaria United States $2.5M Pre-Seed Unknown 01/03/2023
Certificatum Turkey $23.9K Pre-Seed Unknown 01/03/2023
NOMOEX India $32.5K Pre-Seed Unknown 01/02/2023
ATO Platform United States Unknown Seed Unknown 01/01/2023
Supra Switzerland Unknown Series D Unknown 12/31/2022
Flappy Moonbird United States $6M Series A Link VC 12/28/2022
Convex United Kingdom Unknown Series A Unknown 12/26/2022
Read2N Singapore $2M Seed Chain Capital 12/24/2022
Dapps Unknown Pre-Seed Ajeet Khurana 12/23/2022
The Folclore Company United States $329K Seed Unknown 12/22/2022
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