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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date
MetaBeat South Korea Unknown Seed NGC Ventures 08/15/2022
MBD Financials Singapore $10M Seed LDA Capital 08/15/2022
Oragon Indonesia Unknown Angel Unknown 08/14/2022
SignalPlus $12M Series A HashKey Capital 08/12/2022
SignalPlus Unknown Seed Genesis Block Ventures (GBV) 08/12/2022
Ankr United States Unknown Venture - Series Unknown Binance Labs 08/11/2022
Satellite IM United States $10M Seed Framework Ventures 08/11/2022
ReadON $2M Seed SevenX Ventures 08/11/2022
OKP4 France Unknown Seed Unknown 08/10/2022
Injective United States $40M Venture - Series Unknown Jump Crypto 08/10/2022
Unstoppable Finance Germany $16.3M Series A Lightspeed Venture Partners 08/10/2022
Carret India Unknown Pre-Seed Unknown 08/10/2022
Mountain Sea World Singapore Unknown Angel Klaytn 08/10/2022
Murasaki The Netherlands $1.5M Seed Incubate Fund 08/10/2022
Data Gumbo United States $4M Series C Equinor Technology Ventures 08/10/2022
Arhead United States $350K Seed Unknown 08/09/2022
Pinata United States $18M Series A Greylock 08/09/2022
Lysto India $15.5M Seed Unknown 08/09/2022
Vespene Energy United States $4.3M Seed Polychain 08/09/2022
Super Walk South Korea Unknown Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 08/09/2022
Trubit United States Unknown Seed Virginia Venture Partners 08/09/2022
Fortress Blockchain Technologies United States $22.5M Seed Ayon Capital 08/09/2022
Airswift Canada $2M Pre-Seed CreditEase Fintech Investment Fund 08/08/2022
HyperArc $5M Seed Unknown 08/08/2022
Old Street Digital United Kingdom $2.1M Seed Draper Associates 08/08/2022 Dubai $20.1M Funding Round Unknown 08/08/2022
EirSystems United States Unknown Seed Solas BioVentures 08/08/2022
Merkle Science Singapore $19M Series B BECO Capital 08/05/2022
Evaluate.Market United States Unknown Seed Rho Capital Partners 08/05/2022
Cookie3 Estonia $2.5M Seed The Spartan Group 08/05/2022
Halliday $6M Seed a16z crypto 08/04/2022 Unknown Venture - Series Unknown KuCoin Ventures 08/04/2022
Web3Port Unknown Seed Unknown 08/04/2022
Coherent United States $4.5M Seed Foundry Group 08/04/2022
SNKRZ Unknown Corporate Round Wemade 08/03/2022
GREENS Unknown Pre-Seed East Ventures 08/02/2022
BlockChyp United States $2M Series A Unknown 08/02/2022
Skrmiish Isle of Man $2.5M Seed Launch Africa 08/02/2022
Xion Finance Singapore $50M Venture - Series Unknown The Global Emerging Markets Group 08/02/2022
Bits United States $1.2M Pre-Seed HOF Capital 08/02/2022
CityZeen Inc United States Unknown Non-equity Assistance Unknown 08/01/2022
DEFIndor United States $100K Pre-Seed Unknown 08/01/2022
Bitsliced Switzerland Unknown Pre-Seed Unknown 08/01/2022
CoNET Technologies LLC. $100K Seed Unknown 08/01/2022
Owlfy Netherlands $1.5M Debt Financing Unknown 08/01/2022
Marathon Digital United States $100M Post-IPO Debt Silvergate Bank 08/01/2022
OneOf United States $8M Seed Unknown 08/01/2022
OrBit Markets Unknbown %1.5M Seed Unknown 07/29/2022
Trikon 0 $1.5M Seed Unknown 07/29/2022
BitDegree Lithuania Unknown Series A Unknown 07/29/2022
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