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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date
Campus Legends United States Unknown Venture - Series Unknown Solana Ventures 04/06/2022
Banger Spain Unknown Seed Unknown 04/06/2022
Boba Network United States $45M Series A DeFi Technologies 04/05/2022
RockX Singapore $6M Series A Amber Group 04/05/2022
Starlight United States $5M Seed A* Partners 04/05/2022
Novel United States $6M Seed Lerer Hippeau 04/05/2022
beoble Singapore $5K Grant Unknown 04/05/2022
Curate United Kingdom Unknown Corporate Round CoinSmart 04/05/2022
One World Nation India $2M Seed Unknown 04/04/2022
beoble Singapore $50K Grant Unknown 14/04/2022
Mixer Turkey Unknown Pre-Seed Unknown 04/04/2022
Kikitrade Hong Kong $6M Venture - Series Unknown AppWorks 04/04/2022
Kandola $450K Pre-Seed Unknown 04/04/2022
Sequoir United States $1.7M Seed Grey Elephant Solutions, LLC 04/04/2022
One World Nation India $2M Seed Unknown 04/04/2022
Nous Germany Unknown Seed Unknown 04/04/2022
Polemos $14M Seed Delphi Digital 04/04/2022
Trisolaris $4.5M Seed Electric Capital 04/04/2022
Qawalla United States Unknown Pre-Seed Unknown 04/03/2022
Fractal United States $35M Seed Multicoin Capital 04/01/2022 Estonia $2.28M Seed Evald-Hannes Kree 04/01/2022
Silks United States $2M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 04/01/2022
Qortor United States $500K Seed Unknown 04/01/2022
Qurable United States %500K Seed Unknown 04/01/2022
Wert Estonia $5M Seed Tagus Capital 03/31/2022
Elrond Romania Unknown Secondary Market Unknown 03/31/2022
Footium $3.3M Seed BACKED VC 03/31/2022
Metaforo $4M Pre-Seed Unknown 03/31/2022
Composable Finance Germany $32M Series A Unknown 03/31/2022
LayerZero Labs Canada $107K Series A Andreessen Horowitz 03/30/2022
Burrow $5M Seed ParaFi Capital 03/30/2022 United Kingdom Unknown Series D Baillie Gifford 03/30/2022
Brickken Spain $2M Initial Coin Offering Varys Capital 03/30/2022
Anime Universe Canada $195K Pre-Seed Deepak Jain 03/30/2022
Cyphergram Estonia $100K Pre-Seed Unknown 03/30/2022
Battlebound United States $4.8M Seed Andreessen Horowitz 03/30/2022
ILUMA Inc United States $3M Pre-Seed Unknown 03/30/2022
Aradena Unknown Pre-Seed Animoca Brands 03/29/2022
5ire United Kingdom Unknown Initial Coin Offering Unknown 03/29/2022
Canary Mining $15M Seed Unknown 03/29/2022
Caduceus Singapore $4M Series A Susquehanna International Group (SIG) 03/29/2022
FUEL Germany $1.67M Pre-Seed Unknown 03/29/2022
nftycty United States $3M Seed MaC Venture Capital 03/28/2022
Iris Energy New South Whales $71M Post-IPO Debt NYDIG 03/28/2022
Paxo Finance $1M Seed Unknown 03/28/2022
DeFi ETH Unknown Funding Round Gray Investment Trust 03/25/2022
Red Door Digital $5M Seed Unknown 03/25/2022
Angelic $10M Seed Unknown 03/25/2022
ultiverse $5M Seed Binance Labs 03/25/2022
Phi Labs $21M Seed CoinFund 03/24/2022
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