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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date
ZTX Singapore $13M Seed Collab+Currency 08/15/2023
BTCX Token $1.5M Seed Unknown 08/14/2023
Thore Network India $50K Series A Unknown 08/12/2023
Xverse $5M Seed 2140 Bitcoin Ecosystem Fund 08/10/2023 United States $8.1M Seed Blockchange Ventures 08/09/2023
GoldLink $1.4M Pre-Seed Coinflip canada 08/09/2023
SphereX Israel $8.2M Seed Aleph 08/09/2023
Puffer Finance $5.5M Seed 33DAO 08/08/2023
fxhash France $5M Seed 1kx 08/08/2023
VIP3 $2M Seed Ankr 08/08/2023
UnshETH $3.3M Seed 300 DAO 08/07/2023
D8X $1.5M Pre-Seed Axelar Network 08/04/2023
EdgeIn United States $400K Pre-Seed Bayode Okusanya 08/04/2023
RAI INC. (FLORIDA) United States $3M Pre-Seed EST GLOBAL INC. 08/04/2023
Is7-Intel $100K Seed Unknown 08/04/2023
EdgeIn United States $400K Pre-Seed Bayode Okusanya 08/04/2023
MasterExchange Sweeden $2.7M Seed Claes-Henrik Julander 08/01/2023
Network India $100K Seed Unknown 08/01/2023
Essence WEB3 Game $27K Pre-Seed Unknown 08/01/2023
0xKYC United States $100K Pre-Seed Bufficorn Ventures 07/31/2023
Nitrility United States $50K Pre-Seed Anush Amin 07/31/2023
SupraOracles Switzerland $4M Series B Unknown 07/28/2023
Side Protocol $300K Pre-Seed KR1 07/26/2023
Kandle Singapore $1.7M Seed Cloud Capital 07/25/2023
Delabs Games $4.7M Seed Hashed 07/25/2023
ZYBER 365 India $100M Series A SRAM & MRAM 07/25/2023
Releap Protocol Hong Kong $2.1M Seede Arweave 07/25/2023
Taro Finance $100K Pre-Seed Unknown 07/25/2023
Clout Scoop India $600 Pre-Seed Unknown 07/23/2023
Interface Labs Portugal $1.4M Seed Anton Bukov 07/19/2023
Ethena United States $6M Arthur Hayes 07/17/2023
MetaCene Singapore $5M Seed EMURGO 07/15/2023
Ion Protocol United States $2M Seed Aleks Larsen 07/14/2023
Ambient United States $6.5M Seed afkbyte Mr 07/12/2023
Sound United States $20M Series A A.Capital Ventures 07/12/2023
LunarCrush $5M Series A Bitcoin Frontier Fund 07/12/2023
Artela $6M Seed A&T Capital 07/12/2023
GET Protocol The Netherlands $4.5M Seed Animoca Brands 07/12/2023
Florida Street United States $5.3M Seed 17Sigma 07/11/2023
Giza $3M Pre-Seed Arrington Capital 07/11/2023
NeoKe The Netherlands $1.46M Seed Dreamcraft Ventures 07/10/2023
Web3 Space Vietnam $50K Seed Unknown 07/09/2023
Web3Go Singapore $4M Seed Archerman Capital 07/06/2023
OlaVM Technology Ltd. $3M Seed Unknown 07/04/2023
Eonstarter Spain $100K Pre-Seed Bitcoin Genesys Ventures 07/03/2023
Zinc United Kingdom $8.5M Series A AXA Venture Partners 07/03/2023
CryptoQuant South Korea $6.5M Series A Atinum Investment 07/03/2023
Beam Portugal $27M Series B Alex Cheiman 07/01/2023
SuperSight United Kingdom $1M Pre-Seed Animoca Brands 07/01/2023
AlloyX United States $2M Pre-Seed Archblock 06/29/2023
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