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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date
Reign of Terror $5M Seed Unknown 03/24/2022
Greenidge United States $108M Post-IPO Debt B. Riley Financial 03/24/2022
GoSats India Unknown Seed Unknown 03/24/2022
ShapeShift United States Unknown Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 03/24/2022
prePO $2.1M Private Equity IOSG Ventures 03/23/2022
Worldcoin Germany $100M Funding Round Unknown 03/23/2022
Joystream Norway $5.85M Venture - Series Unknown Alliance 03/23/2022
Prometheum United States $15M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 03/23/2022
Unstoppable Domains United States Unknown Series B Unknown 03/23/2022
Yuga Labs United States $450M Seed a16z crypto 03/22/2022
Upshot United States $22M Series A Polychain 03/22/2022
Block Tackle United States $5M Seed Cadenza Capital Management 03/22/2022
Ribbon Finance United States $8.8M Venture - Series Unknown Paradigm 03/22/2022
Plutoverse India Unknown Angel Jaynti Kanani 03/22/2022
Tixologi $2.24M Unknown 03/22/2022
Swype United States $3M Seed Unknown 03/22/2022
The TIE United States $9M Series A Blizzard Fund 03/21/2022
Fnality International United Kingdom Unknown Corporate Round Euroclear 03/21/2022
Gensyn United Kingdom $6.38M Seed Eden Block 03/21/2022
FTX Exchange Bahamas Unknown Funding Round Naomi Osaka 03/212022
MetaPals $120K Convertible Note Filecoin Techstars Accelerator 03/21/2022
Stack United Kingdom $100K Pre-Seed Madrona Venture Labs 03/21/2022
Simbull United States NA Non-equity Assistance Techstars SportsTech Melbourne 03/21/2022
NeoFi $2.1M Seed Unknown 03/21/2022
TransCrypts NA Non-Equity Assist Filecoin Techstars Accelerator 03/20/2022
Functionland Canada NA Non-Equity Assist Filecoin Techstars Accelerator 03/20/2022
SharpShark Region Metropolitana NA Non-Equity Assist Filecoin Techstars Accelerator 03/20/2022
Bailport United States NA Non-Equity Assist Filecoin Techstars Accelerator 03/20/2022
StaTwig Andhra Pradesh NA Non-Equity Assist Filecoin Techstars Accelerator 03/20/2022
Tingbits Philippines $120K Pre-Seed Unknown 03/20/2022
CoinRoutes United States $16M Series B Ayon Capital 03/18/2022
C2x $25M Initial Coin Offering Animoca Brands 03/18/2022
Quantbase United States $500K Pre-Seed Unknown 03/18/2022
ultiverse $4.5M Seed Binance Labs 03/18/2022
Trailblazer Games Singapore $8.2M Seed Fabric Ventures 03/18/2022
Martian Republic $1.6M Seed Unknown 03/18/2022
MetaOne Singapore $1.2M Seed Infinity Ventures Crypto 03/18/2022
Mina United States $92M Initial Coin Offering FTX Ventures 03/17/2022
Optimism United States $150M Series B Andreessen Horowitz 03/17/2022
InvestaCrowd Singapore Unknown Series A Unknown 03/17/2022
Third Time Entertainment United States $3.5M Seed LVP 03/17/2022
Moonwell Finance $10M Seed Arrington XRP Capital 03/17/2022
Itheum Australia $4M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 03/17/2022
Prime Protocol United States $2.75M Pre-Seed Arrington XRP Capital 03/17/2022
Bliv.Club Unknown $30K Pre-Seed Ok! Acquired 03/17/2022
Akt Ireland $29.8M Initial Coin Offering Unknown 03/17/2022
Ponto United States $20M Seed General Catalyst 03/17/2022
Treehouse Finance Singapore $18M Seed Unknown 03/16/2022
MetaBlox $2M Seed Collab+Currency 03/16/2022
Wombat Exchange 5.2M Series A Animoca Brands 03/16/2022
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