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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date
Games for a Living Spain $1.36M Pre-Seed Bonsai Partners 02/15/2022
Aleph Zero Switzerland Venture - Series Unknown RR² CAPITAL 02/14/2022
Label Foundation South Korea $2M Seed Unknown 02/14/2022
5ire United Kingdom $100M Private Equity The Global Emerging Markets Group 02/14/2022
Carambola Finance Israel $200K Seed Unknown 02/13/2022
Salad Ventures Singapore $13.5M Initial Coin Offering Unknown 02/11/2022
Automata Network Singapore Venture - Series Unknown Binance Labs 02/11/2022
PORTALS $5M Seed Greylock 02/11/2022
Convicted Russia $2K Pre-Seed Unknown 02/11/2022
FoodCoin $339K Funding Round Unknown 02/11/2022
Kyro $10M Series A Unknown 02/10/2022
Everyrealm United States $60M Series A Andreessen Horowitz 02/10/2022
Ethernal Labs $20M Seed Unknown 02/10/2022
PDAX | Philippine Digital Asset Exchange Philippines $50M Series B Tiger Global Management 02/10/2022
Strider 0 $3M Seed 1kx 02/10/2022
WingRiders Ireland $4.5M Seed cFund 02/10/2022
Pyypl Dubai $11M Series A Unknown 02/10/2022
TerraZero Technologies Canada $9.8M Venture - Series Unknown Bigg Digital Assets 02/10/2022 Canada $19.72M Series B DV Chain 02/09/2022
Ruby Protocol Canada $7.3M Venture - Series Unknown Digital Strategies 02/09/2022
Digital Power-Optimization United States $2.5M Series A NYDIG 02/09/2022
Assange DAO $53M Initial Coin Offering Unknown 02/09/2022
Compute North United States $85M Series C Generate Capital 02/08/2022
NFTGo Singapore $6.75M Seed Qiming Venture Partners 02/08/2022
Rift Finance United States $18M Venture - Series Unknown Pantera Capital 02/08/2022
TrayamBhu Tech Solutions India $557K Seed Unknown 02/08/2022
FlyCoin United States $33M Seed Josh Jones 02/08/2022
Compute North United States $300M Debt Financing Generate Capital 02/08/2022
Alchemy United States $200M Series C Lightspeed Venture Partners 02/08/2022
Tradelize Estonia Seed NGC Ventures 02/08/2022
Ajuna Network Germany $2M Seed Fundamental Labs 02/08/2022
Polygon Technology India $450M Initial Coin Offering Sequoia Capital India 02/07/2022
Aleo United States $200M Series B Kora 02/07/2022
Streetbeat United States $10M Seed TTV Capital 02/07/2022
Pledge Finance United States Seed AKA Angel 02/04/2022
Qredo $80M Series A 10T Holdings 02/04/2022
Colexion Dubai $5M Seed Brevan Howard Asset Management 02/03/2022
Millicent Grant UK Research and Innovation 02/03/2022
Aurox United States $2.85M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 02/03/2022 United States $75K Pre-Seed Unknown 02/03/2022
Trust Machines $150M Seed Breyer Capital 02/03/2022
Passiv Canada Pre-Seed Y Combinator 02/03/2022
Spin $3.75M Seed Lemniscap 02/02/2022
CryptoTrader.Tax United States $6M Venture - Series Unknown DRW Venture Capital 02/02/2022 Canada Series B Unknown 02/02/2022
Dune Analytics Norway $69.4M Series B Coatue 02/02/2022
Fiat Republic United Kingdom $3.49M Seed Speedinvest 02/02/2022
Artist Crowdfund Exchange United States Seed Unknown 02/01/2022
Qawalla United States Pre-Seed Unknown 02/01/2022
Heylayer United States $350K Pre-Seed Unknown 02/01/2022
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