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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date
Foundation Device United States $2M Seed Bolt 06/10/2021
XCarnival $2M Seed Fundamental Labs 06/10/2021
Luxor Technologies United States $5M Series A NYDIG 06/09/2021
Solana United States $314M Initial Coin Offering Andreessen Horowitz 06/09/2021
Mythical Games United States $75M Series B WestCap 06/09/2021
Hummingbot United States $8M Series A Initialized Capital 06/09/2021
Xcapit Argentina $110K Grant UNICEF Innovation Fund 06/09/2021
Rahat Nepal $100K Grant UNICEF Innovation Fund 06/09/2021
peaq Germany $4M Seed Scherzer & Co. 06/09/2021
Guild of Guardians $3M Initial Coin Offering Yield Guild Games 06/09/2021
Blockdaemon United States $28M Series A Greenspring Associates 06/08/2021
Flare Network United Kingdom $11.3M Venture - Series Unknown Kinetic Capital 06/08/2021
Unchained Capital United States $25M Series A Ecliptic Capital 06/04/2021
Pontem Network Singapore $4.5M Seed Alameda Ventures 06/04/2021
Impossible Finance United States $7M Seed Alameda Research 06/03/2021
FQX Switzerland $4.7M Seed Carsten Thoma 06/02/2021
chronicle Singapore $3.2M Seed 499Block 06/02/2021
Lithium Finance Hong Kong $5M Seed Alameda Research 06/01/2021
Panther Protocol United Kingdom $8M Initial Coin Offering A195 Capital 06/01/2021
Hxro Bermuda $15M Initial Coin Offering Commonwealth Asset Management 06/01/2021
HUB Security Israel $50M Post-IPO Equity ALD 06/03/2021
Coinsquare Canada $48.6M Corporate Round Mogo 06/01/2021
Minti United States $1M Pre-Seed Divergence Ventures 06/01/2021
HODL Media United States $2.25M Series A Alameda Research 05/31/2021
Dfns France $1M Seed ABN AMRO 05/31/2021
Circle United States $440M Venture Series Digital Currency Group 05/29/2021
United States United States $14M Series A 1kx 05/28/2021
Defined Canada $2.5M Seed Balaji Srinivasan 05/28/2021
RealEx United States $550K Debt Financing Executive Team 05/28/2021
Swype United States $350K Pre-Seed Village Global 05/28/2021 United States $1.5M Early Stage Venture Alphemy Capital Fund 05/28/2021
QuickNode United States $5.3M Seed Seven Seven Six 05/27/2021
OneOf United States $63M Seed Bill Tai 05/25/2021
Solidus Labs United States $20M Series A 645 Ventures 05/24/2021
Chia Network United States $61M Series D Andreessen Horowitz 05/24/2021 United States $8M Series Unknown Alameda Research 05/20/2021
Tibles United States $1.14M Seed CoinFund 05/20/2021
Figure United States $200M Series D Morgan Creek Digital 05/20/2021
CoinBurp United Kingdom $2M Seed Moonrock Capital 05/18/2021
Zapper Canada $15M Series A Coinbase Ventures 05/17/2021
Makara Digital United States $2.1M Seed Unknown 05/13/2021
Alice United States $2M Seed Arrington XRP Capital 05/13/2021
PolySign United States $53M Series B Cowen Group 05/13/2021
Lucid Green United States $3.1M Series Unknown Bravos Capital 05/11/2021
Forte United States $185M Series B Andreessen Horowitz 05/12/2021
Via United States $10M Series A Prefix Capital 05/11/2021
Adhara United States $7.5M Series A Force Over Mass Captial 05/10/2021
Wilder World United States $3M ICO The Spartan Group 05/09/2021
Babel Finance Hong Kong $40M Series A Zoo Capital 05/10/2021
Bitski United States $19M Series A Andreessen Horowitz 05/06/2021
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