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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date
Smooth Labs Singapore $2M Seed ArkStream Capital 03/16/2023
RenQ Finance $2.3M Pre-Seed 03/16/2023
Ejara France $1.2M Seed Alchemix 03/20/2023
Passion Punch Turkey $4M Seed Colendi 03/20/2023
Dynasty Studios Denmark $55K Seed Web3 Ventures 03/20/2023
Contango Digital Assets Canada $125K Pre-Seed Web3 Ventures 03/20/2023
carbonABLE France $1.2M Seed Ethereal Ventures 03/21/2023
Metatime Turkey $11M Seed Halkbank 03/21/2023
Nitrility United States $50K Pre-Seed Anush Amin 03/22/2023
Turnkey $7.5M Seed Coinbase Ventures 03/22/2023
LayerZero Labs Canada Unknown Series B CryptoViet Ventures 03/24/2023
Cega Finance Singapore $5M Seed Dragonfly 03/27/2023
Cega Singapore $5M Seed Dragonfly 03/27/2023
HouseAfrica Nigeria $400K Seed ARM Labs 03/27/2023
MyBias South Korea Unknown Pre-Seed CRIT Ventures 03/28/2023
Notoros, Inc. United States $25K Seed Transform 03/28/2023
SKUx United States $11M Series A Advection Growth Capital 03/28/2023
Ivorypay South Aftica $135K Pre-Seed CV Labs 03/29/2023
Coadjute United Kingdom Unknown Leela Capital 03/30/2023
PolyTrade Singapore $3.8M Seed Alpha Wave Global 03/30/2023
LI.FI Germany $17.5M Series A Abra 03/30/2023
Ledger France 108.7M Series C 10T Holdings 03/30/2023
BOOMN United States Unknown Seed Unknown 03/31/2023
Versus Poland Unknown Seed Unknown 04/01/2023
DeTech.World United States Unknown Seed Unknown 04/01/2023
Storspay Canada $120K Pre-Seed Techstars 04/03/2023
Megaton Finance $1.5M Seed Cypher Capital 04/04/2023
Opside $4M Seed Ventures 04/04/2023
Zealy $3.5M Pre-Seed Aglaé Ventures 04/04/2023
LayerZero Labs Canada $120M Series B a16z crypto 04/04/2023
Wallbit Pay United States $500K Pre-Seed Y Combinator 04/05/2023
Finst Amsterdam $4.3M Seed Deribit 04/05/2023
Rainmaker United States $500K Pre-Seed Y Combinator 04/05/2023
Map3 United States %500K Pre-Seed Y Combinator 04/05/2023
Magik Labs India $500K Pre-Seed Y Combinator 04/05/2023
THEYA United States $500K Pre-Seed Y Combinator 04/05/2023
ZeroDev United States $500K Pre-Seed Y Combinator 04/05/2023
Littio Columbia $500K Pre-Seed Y Combinator 04/05/2023 United States $4.5M Seed Florida Innovation Capital 04/06/2023
Huddle01 United States $2.8M Seed Balaji Srinivasan 04/06/2023
Eczodex United Kingdom $50K Pre-Seed 04/08/2023
Eczodex United Kingdom $73K Pre-Seed 04/08/2023
Cosmos Singularity China $4.3M Series A Haiye Chuangda 04/10/2023
Gameta Spain $5M Seed Arcane Crypto 04/10/2023
CryptoGPT $10M Series A DWF Labs 04/10/2023
Bx Technologies United Kingdom $1.8M Seed Counteract 04/11/2023
Sei Labs United States $30M Series A Asymmetric Capital Partners 04/11/2023
CryptoTechFin Spain $555K Pre-Seed Mert Baser 04/12/2023
HUG United States $5M Seed AA Sons 04/12/2023
Helio United Kingdom $3.3M Seed David Szekely 04/13/2023
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