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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date Georgia $500K Seed Unknown 12/14/2021
CyBall $1.8M Seed BITKRAFT Ventures 12/14/2021
Lum Network France $4M Initial Coin Offering Arcanum Capital 12/14/2021
Ex Populus United States $8.5M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 12/14/2021
NYDIG United States $1B Private Equity WestCap 12/14/2021
Criptan Valencia $5M Venture - Series Unknown Draper B1 12/14/2021
AcadArena Philippines $3.5M Seed 1kx 12/13/2021
Tractiv United States $2.25M Seed Nyca Partners 12/13/2021
Thirdweb United Kingdom $5M Seed Unknown 12/13/2021
HeyAuto Canada 1.48M Seed Unknown 12/10/2021
Assembly $100M Venture - Series Unknown Huobi 12/10/2021
Router Protocol Singapore $4.1M Series A Unknown 12/10/2021
Affyn Singapore $7M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 12/09/2021
Paradigm United States $35M Series A Alameda Ventures 12/09/2021
Semiotic AI United States $60M Grant Unknown 12/09/2021
Defiance Games Singapore $100K Pre-Seed Antler 12/09/2021
Whalemap United Kingdom $1.6M Seed Momentum 6 12/08/2021
OpenRelay United States $1.5M Seed Digital Finance Group 12/08/2021
Creaton $175K Seed Exnetwork Capital 12/08/2021
Shanhai Chaowan China $784K Angel Unknown 12/07/2021
TRM Labs United States $60M Series B Tiger Global Management 12/07/2021
Holaplex United States $6M Seed CoinFund 12/07/2021
Earnity United States $15M Series A BitNile 12/06/2021
Bitcoin Well Canada $3.9M Convertible Note Aip Private Capital 12/06/2021
Emerging Impact United States $1.5M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 12/06/2021
Stacked United States $35M Series A Alameda Research 12/05/2021
Edubuk India $150K Pre-Seed Unknown 12/04/2021
CryptoVsZombie United States $1.7M Venture - Series Unknown X21 Digital 12/03/2021
CryptoIndexSeries Turkey $162K Pre-Seed F10 12/03/2021
Sweet United States $1.8M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 12/03/2021
TeraWulf United States $123.5M Debt Financing Unknown 12/02/2021
BLOCKBR - DIGITAL ASSETS Brazil $100K Pre-Seed Unknown 12/02/2021
TeraWulf United States $76.5M Private Equity Unknown 12/02/2021
Ignite Tournaments Panama $3M Seed Ascensive Assets 12/02/2021
Ambire Bulgaria $2.5M Seed LAUNCHub Ventures 12/02/2021
Guild of Guardians New South Whales $2.3M Initial Coin Offering Unknown 12/01/2021
Payourse $600K Pre-Seed Unknown 12/01/2021
Coadjute United Kingdom $7.9M Seed Praetura Ventures 12/01/2021
Fireblocks United States $400M Series E Sequoia Capital 12/01/2021
Structure $20M Seed Polychain 12/01/2021
CertiK United States $80M Series B Sequoia Capital China 12/01/2021
MetaVisa $5M Seed Unknown 12/01/2021
1inch Cayman Islands $175M Series B Amber Group 12/01/2021
Mercado Bitcoin Brazil $50.3M Series B Unknown 11/30/2021
Algofi United States $2.8M Seed Unknown 11/30/2021
Hxro Burmuda $34M Initial Coin Offering Blockchain Capital 11/30/2021
PlayTreks Belgium $471K Pre-Seed Unknown 11/30/2021
Iron Fish United States $27.6M Series A Andreessen Horowitz 11/30/2021
NuLink Västra Götaland $4M Seed Unknown 11/29/2021
Integritee Switzerland $4.5M Series A Unknown 11/29/2021
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