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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date
fxdx exchange United States $570K Seed Valhalla Capital 09/29/2021
Angle Protocol 0 $5M Seed Andreessen Horowitz 09/28/2021
Roll United States $10M Series A IOSG Ventures 09/28/2021
Merkle Science Singapore $5.7M Series A Darrow Holdings 09/28/2021
Unlock United States $4M Venture - Series Unknown GMG Ventures 09/28/2021
Blofin Cayman Islands $12M Series A KuCoin 09/27/2021
Ziglu United Kingdom $2M Equity Crowdfunding Unknown 09/27/2021
Coinrule United Kingdom $2.2M Seed Unknown 09/27/2021
IPaidThat France $2.9M Debt Financing Unknown 09/27/2021
IPaidThat France $6.9M Venture - Series Unknown Bpifrance 09/27/2021
Yellow Card United States $15M Series A Castle Island Ventures 09/26/2021
Grape Network United States $600K Initial Coin Offering Unknown 09/23/2021
Grape Network United States $1.2M Seed Multicoin Capital 09/23/2021
Nuclio Digital School Spain $1.16M Venture - Series Unknown Sabadell Venture Capital 09/23/2021
cheqd $2.6M Funding Round Outlier Ventures 09/22/2021
Cobo China $40M Series B A&T Capital 09/22/2021
Orca Creative $18M Series A Placeholder 09/22/2021
blyncc United Kingdom Seed Unknown 09/21/2021
Metrika United States $14M Series A Neotribe Ventures 09/21/2021
BitClout Japan $200M Initial Coin Offering Unknown 09/21/2021
Genesis Digital Assets United States $431M Private Equity Private Equity 09/21/2021
Blockdaemon United States $155M Series B SoftBank Vision Fund 09/21/2021
Portal United States $8.5M Venture - Series Unknown Coinbase Ventures 09/21/2021
Dapper Labs Canada $250M Series D Coatue 09/21/2021
Amasa $1.5M Seed Animoca Brands 09/21/2021
Taker Protocol $3M Seed Electric Capital 09/20/2021
Sorare France $872M Series B SoftBank 09/20/2021
Prim6 United States $115K Pre-Seed Unknown 09/20/2021
DiMuto Singapore $2.35M Series A The Yield Lab Asia Pacific 09/20/2021
Authena Switzerland $2.4M Seed Ecliptic Capital 09/17/2021
MonoX Protocol $5M Seed Krypital Group 09/17/2021
LayerZero Labs Canada $6.3M Series A Binance 09/16/2021
Ava Labs United States $230M Initial Coin Offering Polychain 09/16/2021
Coinfirm United Kingdom $8M Series A Avaloq Ventures 09/16/2021
Minterest Estonia $6.5M Seed Unknown 09/16/2021
Abra United States $55M Series C Blockchain Capital 09/15/2021
Floating Point Group United States $10M Series A Unknown 09/15/2021
Domination Finance $3.2M Seed ParaFi Capital 09/15/2021
PrimeDAO $2M Seed Unknown 09/15/2021
Stardust United States $5M Series A Framework Ventures 09/15/2021
Immutable Australia $63.8M Series B BITKRAFT Ventures 09/15/2021
Amberdata United States $15M Series A Citi 09/14/2021
dTrade Canada $22.8M Venture - Series Unknown Polychain 09/14/2021
Colendi Switzerland $30M Venture - Series Unknown Re-Pie Asset Management 09/14/2021
Get It Done Now Africa $3K Seed Unknown 09/14/2021
Recur United States $50M Series A DIGITAL 09/13/2021
cmorq United States $1.75M Seed Unknown 09/12/2021
Argo Blockchain United Kingdom $31.6M Post-IPO Debt Galaxy Digital 09/10/2021 $1k Seed 09/10/2021
SZNS $4M Seed Dragonfly Capital Partners 09/09/2021
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