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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date
256 Management AG Switzerland Unknown Seed Unknown 02/05/2023
Uptick United States $100K Pre-Seed Unknown 02/06/2023
Paytaca Philippines $45K Pre-Seed Unknown 02/06/2023
CryptoSimple France $1.4M Seed Morningstar Ventures 02/06/2023
Elementus United States $10M Series A Coalco 02/07/2023
Kingdomverse United States $3.6M Seed 3Commas 02/07/2023
Peggy $8M Seed Bob Harding 02/07/2023
SPACE ID Singapore $10M Series A dao5 02/07/2023
SALT United States $64.4M Series A Unknown 02/07/2023
NFTically India $1M Seed Blockchain Founders Capital 02/07/2023
Cedro Finance United States $1.5M Seed Infinity Ventures Crypto 02/07/2023
FyberX United States $700K Seed Unknown 02/08/2023
VRRB Labs United States $1.4M Pre-Seed Unknown 02/08/2023
TheRollNumber India $165K Seed Inflection Point Ventures 02/09/2023 Unknown Seed Outlier Ventures 02/09/2023
Desoul Japan $243K Seed Hash Global 02/09/2023
AcadArena Philippines $10.2M Series A 1kx 02/09/2023
Coincover United Kingdom $30M Series B CMT Digital Ventures 02/09/2023
PreIPO United States $125M Series A Unknown 02/10/2023
ManesLAB $1.8M Seed YZB Investment Holding Limited 02/10/2023
ASPPIBRA-DAO Brazil $1K Seed Unknown 02/11/2023
Taurus Switzerland $65M Series B Arab Bank (Switzerland) 02/13/2023
MetaWorks Platforms United States $325K Seed Unknown 02/14/2023
Kolibrio Ukraine $2M $2M Delta Blockchain Fund 02/14/2023
Orb Labs $4.5M Seed 6th Man Ventures 02/14/2023
Monad United States $19M Seed Cobie 02/14/2023
NFEX $3M Seed Unknown 02/15/2023
NFEX $3M Seed ABCDE 02/15/2023
Alongside United States $11M Seed 3SE Holdings 02/15/2023
Nefta $5M Seed MZ 02/15/2023
Aura Network Singapore $4M Seed Coin98 Ventures 02/15/2023
Stelo Labs United States $6M Seed a16z crypto 02/16/2023
77Studios United States $250K Pre-Seed Unknown 02/17/2023
InflowChange $27K Seed Unknown 02/20/2023 Norway $4.6M Seed CMT Digital Ventures 02/20/2023
CoolCo Unknown Pre-Seed Unknown 02/21/2023
MASVERSE Malaysia Unknown Seed MEP Enviro Technology 02/21/2023
GeekPay Portugal Unknown Pre-Seed Sigma Software Labs 02/21/2023
Azra Games United States $10M Seed Andreessen Horowitz 02/21/2023
Strider United States $5.5M Seed Fabric Ventures 02/21/2023
TipLink United States $6M Seed Asymmetric 02/21/2023
Chaos Labs United States $20M Seed Avalanche 02/21/2023
Brale $11.1M Pre-Seed New Enterprise Associates 02/22/2023
Unikbase France $2.8M Seed Weber Investissement 02/22/2023
KEKKAI Japan $7.1M Pre-Seed Skyland Ventures 02/22/2023
Den United States $2.8M Seed Balaji Srinivasan 02/22/2023
Blockstars $500K Pre-Seed Unknown 02/23/2023
Affine United States $5.1M Seed AlphaLab Capital 02/23/2023
portto / Blocto Taiwan Unknown Series A 500 Global 02/23/2023
microverse Japan $1.4M Seed B Dash Ventures 02/23/2023
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