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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date
ABRAXAS DAO United States Unknown Seed Unknown 09/01/2022
VerifiedCreators Unknown Pre-Seed Unknown 09/01/2022
Koop $5M Seed 1confirmation 08/31/2022
GoGoPool $5M Seed CoinFund 08/31/2022
Wien Energie Austria $2M Debt Financing Unknown 08/31/2022
Warrp Australia Unknown Seed Unknown 08/31/2022
Kemet Trading United States Unknown Seed CĀ² Ventures 08/31/2022
Animoca Brands Hong Kong $100M Convertible Note Temasek Holdings 08/30/2022
GreenTrade Germany Unknown Pre-Seed Cerulean Ventures 08/30/2022
Sei Labs $5M Seed Multicoin Capital 08/30/2022
PROOF $50M Series A Andreessen Horowitz 08/30/2022
RedStone $9M Seed Lemniscap 08/30/2022
Lightnet Thailand $50M Venture - Series Unknown LDA Capital 08/29/2022
Limit Break $200M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 08/29/2022
Ethereum Enterprises United Kingdom Uknown Series A Unknown 08/28/2022
tZERO United States Unknown Venture - Series Unknown Overstock 08/26/2022
SolanaFM Singapore $5.8M Seed SBI Group 08/26/2022
Animoca Brands KK Japan $45M Series A MUFG Bank 08/26/2022
AID:Tech Ireland Unknown Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 08/25/2022
CERE Network United States $50M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 08/25/2022
thirdweb United States $24M Series A Haun Ventures 08/24/2022
Finblox $4M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 08/24/2022
Spectral $23M Venture - Series Unknown General Catalyst 08/24/2022
Swarmio Media Canada $615K Post-IPO Debt Unknown 08/24/2022
Memory Gardens Unknown Non-equity Assistance Newchip 08/24/2022
Chekk Hong Kong Unknown Venture - Series Unknown HSBC Asset Management 08/23/2022
BITLEVEX Estonia $50M Venture - Series Unknown GEM Digital Ltd. 08/23/2022
Ravel Technologies France Unknown Seed Airbus Ventures 08/23/2022
Credify Singapore $1M Seed Touchstone Partners 08/22/2022 United States Unknown Seed Unknown 08/22/2022
Skip Protocol United States $4.5M Funding Round Unknown 08/22/2022
Enter The Void United States Unknown Seed 08/22/2022
DAM $1.8M Pre-Seed Digital Finance Group (DFG) 08/21/2022
Insomnia Labs United States $1.5M Seed Unknown 08/20/2022
Analog United States $2.2M Seed Unknown 08/19/2022
Safeheron Singapore $7M Seed Web3Vision 08/19/2022
Analog United States Unknown Seed Unknown 08/19/2022
Wincast Unknown Seed Unknown 08/19/2022
W3 Storage Lab $3M Pre-Seed Draper Dragon 08/18/2022
GitPOAP $4.2M Seed Inflection 08/18/2022
Meson Singapore $4M Seed A&T Capital 08/18/2022
Blockify $2.2M Seed Unknown 08/18/2022
BuidlersTribe $1M Pre-Seed Unknown 08/18/2022
Blockify Inc. Bahamas $2.2M Seed Unknown 08/18/2022
Fractional United States $20M Series A Paradigm 08/17/2022
Tamadoge $4.7M Initial Coin Offering Unknown 08/17/2022
Kaito United States $5.2M Seed Dragonfly Capital Partners 08/17/2022
End Labs United States Unknown Seed Unknown 08/17/2022
BIT Mining Hong Kong $9.3M Post-IPO Equity Unknown 08/16/2022
.bit $13M Series A CMB International Capital Corporation 08/15/2022
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