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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date
React Network United States $4.2M Seed Allegory Labs 11/17/2022
Heroic Story United States $6M Seed duo Ryan 11/17/2022
Pinktada United States $365K Seed Unknown 11/17/2022
Yoello United Kingdom $9.4M Series A Unknown 11/17/2022
Matter Labs Germany $200M Series C Andreessen Horowitz 11/16/2022
Peaze United States $2.1M Pre-Seed Haven Ventures 11/16/2022
Bezant Technologies United States Unknown Seed Unknown 11/16/2022
Ydentity Organization Switzerland $1M Series A Unknown 11/16/2022
Permissionless India Unknown Pre-Seed Balaji Srinivasan 11/15/2022
ADDX Singapore $20M Series B KB Securities 11/14/2022
Thallo United Kingdom $2.5M Seed Allegory Labs 11/14/2022
MTHUB $250K Seed Dmitry Sutormin 11/14/2022
Joepegs Bahamas $5M Seed Avalanche 11/14/2022
REX Protocol United States Unknown Pre-Seed Unknown 11/14/2022
Trust VC Spain Unknown Seed Unknown 11/13/2022
Learn DAO Spain Unknown Pre-Seed Microsoft 11/12/2022
Luckmon United States $1.3M Pre-Seed Chang Kim 11/11/2022
TRM Labs United States $70M Series B Alumni Ventures 11/09/2022
Ramp Poland $70M Series B Balderton Capital 11/09/2022
Theia Studios United States $2.4M Seed Andover Ventures 11/09/2022
Kalder United States $3M Pre-Seed 500 Global 11/09/2022
Ping United States $15M Seed BlockTower Capital 11/09/2022
Fordefi United States $18M Seed Alameda Research 11/08/2022
Pyypl Dubai $20M Series B Unknown 11/07/2022
Xternity Games Israel $4.5M Pre-Seed Flori Ventures 11/07/2022
Koinpr India $65K Pre-Seed Unknown 11/05/2022
Elusiv Switzerland $3.5M Seed Anagram 11/04/2022
Return Protocol United States $2.5M Pre-Seed Allegory Labs 11/04/2022
MetaGameHub DAO $150K Pre-Seed The Sandbox Metaverse Accelerator Program 11/04/2022
Partior Singapore Unknown Series A DBS Bank 11/03/2022
LianAn Technology China $20M Series A Unknown 11/03/2022
Courtyard United States $7M Seed Brink’s 11/02/2022
Bitfo United States $420K Seed Unknown 11/02/2022
Token Flow Insights Switzerland $12M Series A Delta Blockchain Fund 11/01/2022
Kodex United States $2M Seed Castor Ventures 11/01/2022
EHAB United Kingdom $1M Seed Insurtech Gateway 11/01/2022
Oktet Cyprus unknown Pre-Seed Oggin 11/01/2022
Tau Liechtenstein Unknown Series A Unknown 11/01/2022
ArtistVerified United States Unknown Seed Unknown 11/01/2022
UniFox France Unknown Seed Unknown 11/01/2022
Tamago Labs Japan Unknown Pre-Seed Unknown 11/01/2022
MCL Cayman Islands $500K Pre-Seed Unknown 11/01/2022
RealFevr Portugal $9.9M Series A ADvantage 10/31/2022
Braavos $10M Seed BH Digital 10/31/2022
Trace Metaverse Dubai $3M Seed Unknown 10/31/2022
Eversify United States $1.2M Pre-Seed Unknown 10/31/2022
Patientory United States $25K Seed EXPERT DOJO 10/31/2022 United States $50K Pre-Seed EXPERT DOJO 10/31/2022
Fluidity Money Australia $1.3M Seed BitScale 10/31/2022
retraced Germany $6.4M Seed ALSTIN Capital 10/28/2022
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