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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date
Stronghold Digital Mining United States $15M Post-IPO Equity Unknown 12/22/2023
Margo United States $16M Debt Financing Chicago Atlantic Group 12/21/2023
Tres Israel $11M Series A boldstart ventures 12/20/2023
Medallion United States $13.7M Series A Dragonfly 12/21/2023
Fiat Republic United Kingdom $7M Seed Unknown 12/19/2023
Wynd Network $3.5M Seed Polychain 12/19/2023
DM2C Studio $2.3M Seed Galaxy Interactive 12/20/2023 $398K Seed Unknown 12/21/2023
SquareFi United States $200K Pre-Seed Unknown 12/20/2023
Lolli United States $8M Series B BITKRAFT Ventures 12/14/2023
Verifi Media United States $250K Debt Financing Unknown 12/14/2023
bitsCrunch Germany $3.8M Initial Coin Offering CoinList 12/14/2023
Andalusia Labs Dubai $48M Series A Lightspeed Venture Partners 12/13/2023
Pave Bank $5.2M Seed 468 Capital 12/13/2023
Hackless Ukraine $1.2M Pre-Seed Cosima Capital 12/12/2023
Verbwire United States $12.3M Series A E.O.A. Productions 12/12/2023
AuditOne Germany $872K Seed High-Tech Grunderfonds 12/12/2023
MetaWorks Platforms United States $52K Debt Financing Unknown 12/12/2023
Liquidium United States $1.25M Pre-Seed Unknown 12/11/2023
Bit Origin China $24.7M Post-IPO Debt ATW Partners 12/11/2023
BabylonChain United States $18M Series A Hack VC 12/07/2023
Sindri United States $5M Seed CoinFund 12/07/2023
Red Cat Puerto Rico $800K Post-IPO Equity Unknown 12/06/2023
Versatus United States $2.3M Seed Unknown 12/06/2023
FLOKI United States $1.25M Initial Coin Offering DWF Labs 12/05/2023
Shadow United States $9M Seed Paradigm 12/05/2023
Curvance $3.6M Seed Unknown 12/05/2023
QANplatform [QAN blockchain platform] Estonia $15M Venture - Series Unknown MBK Holding 12/05/2023
Rapid Title Corporation United States $25K Grant South Carolina Research Authority 12/05/2023
IMB DAO Vietnam $50K Private Equity Dragonfly 12/05/2023
Mercurity China $6M Post-IPO Equity Unknown 12/04/2023
Jellyverse Liechtenstein $2M Seed Unknown 12/04/2023
bitsCrunch Germany $3.8M Initial Coin Offering Unknown 12/14/2023
Ivorypay South Aftica $170K Pre-Seed Blockchain Founders Fund 12/01/2023
Term Structure Labs United Kingdom $4.2M Seed Cumberland 11/30/2023
Pocket Network United States $7.9M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 11/30/2023
Wormhole Cayman Islands $225M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 11/29/2023
Acctual United States $3.85M Seed IDEO 11/29/2023
Phi Commerce Pvt Ltd India $13.4M Series A BEENEXT 11/28/2023
Hexa France 21.7M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 11/29/2023
Weacar China $28.2M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 11/28/2023
AnotherBall $12.7M Seed ANRI 11/27/2023
Blast $5M Venture - Series Unknown CGV FoF 11/27/2023
Waltio France $1.8M Seed 11/27/2023
PartyDAO United States $16.4M Venture - Series Unknow Unknown 11/27/2023
Tamago Labs Japan $50K Grant Unknown 11/24/2023
IntentX $2.5M Seed Magnus Capital 11/22/2023
Tixologi United States $886K Seed Unknown 11/22/2023
Blast $20M Venture - Series Unknown Paradigm 11/21/2023
Fence $1.9M Pre-Seed Semantic Ventures 11/20/2023
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