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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date
HUB Security Israel $5M Series A AXA Venture 05/20/2020
NEAR United States $21.6M ICO Andreessen Horowitz 20-May
Lolli United States $3M Seed Pathfinder 20-May
Blockdaemon United States $5.5M Unkown Boldstart Ventures 20-May
FalconX United States $17M Unkown Coinbase Ventures 20-May
Bitcoin Suisse Switzerland $20.5M Series A Studer family office 20-May
Tokensoft United States $4M Series A Avon Ventures 20-May
Magic United States $4M Seed Placeholder 20-May
Synchrolife Hong Kong $2.6M Series A MTG Ventures 20-Jun
Numerai United States $3M ICO CoinFund 20-Jun
Celsius Network United Kingdom $15M ICO Tether 20-Jun
Upvest Germany $1M Unknown Investitionsbank 20-Jun
River Financial United States $5.7M Seed Polychain 20-Jun
Unum ID United States $2M Unknown Draper Associates 20-Jun
Sparrow Exchange Singapore $3.5M Series A BitMEX / HDR Group 20-Jun
Opyn United States $2.1M Seed Dragonfly Capital 20-Jun
Curv United States $23M Series A CommerzVentures 20-Jul
Chainalysis United States $13M Series B Ribbit Capital 20-Jul
Xangle South Korea $3.3M Series A Hanwha Investments 20-Jul
Metaco Switzerland $17M Series A Giesecke+Devrient 20-Jul
Valid Network Israel $8M Seed TenEleven Ventures 20-Jul
Teller Finance United States $1M Seed Framework Ventures 20-Jul
AVA Labs United States $42M ICO NGC Ventures 20-Jul
VALR South Africa $3.4M Series A 10x Group 20-Jul
Wintermute Trading United Kingdom $2.8M Series A Lightspeed Venture Partners 20-Jul
HOPR Switzerland $1M Seed Binance Labs 20-Jul
Pixelmatic China $3.1M ICO Charlie Lee 20-Aug
Hedget Singapore $500K Seed FBG Capital 20-Aug
Dapper Labs Canada $12M Series A Coinbase Ventures 20-Aug
Republic United States $16M ICO Multiple 20-Aug
Oin Finance South Korea $1M ICO Multiple 20-Aug
1inch Exchange Germany $2.8M Seed Binance Labs 20-Aug
BlockFi United States $50M Series C Morgan Creek Digital 20-Aug
Morpher Austria $1.2M Seed APEX Ventures 20-Aug
Cashaa United Kingdom $5M Seed O1ex 20-Sep
Mercuryo Estonia $2.9M Seed Target Global 20-Sep
Zero Hash United States $4.7M Seed tastytrade 20-Sep
Fan-Controlled Football League United States $5.2M Unknown Lightspeed Venture Partners 20-Sep
Wirex United States $3.2M Crowdfund SBI Holdings 20-Sep
Equilibrium United States $27K Grant Web3 Foundation 20-Sep
Skynet Labs United States $3M Seed A.Capital Ventures 20-Sep
Pure Stake United States $1.4M Seed Hypersphere Ventures 20-Sep
Robinhood United States $660M Series G D1 Capital Partners 20-Sep
Data Gumbo United States $4M Series B L37 Venture Partners 20-Sep
Fluree United States $6.5M Seed 4490 Ventures 20-Oct
Braintrust United States $18M Venture ACME 20-Oct
Unocoin India $5M Series A Draper Associates 20-Oct
Covalent Canada $3.1M Seed Woodstock Fund 20-Oct
Persistance One Singapore $3.7M ICO Arrington XRP Capital 20-Oct
Boardroom Labs United States $2.2M Seed Standard Crypto 20-Oct
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