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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date
Immunefi Singapore $24M Series A Framework Ventures 09/22/2022
3Commas Canada $37M Series B Alameda Research 09/22/2022
Hyperlane United States $18.5M Seed Variant 09/22/2022
Lit Protocol United States $13M Series A 1kx 09/22/2022
CHAMPtitles United States $12.9M Series B unknown 09/22/2022
ParallelChain Lab $50M Initial Coin Offering GEM Digital Ltd. 09/22/2022
Skip United States $6.5M Seed Bain Capital Crypto 09/22/2022
NFT Tech Canada $1.4M Post-IPO Equity Unknown 09/22/2022
R Planet Canada Unknown Pre-Seed Unknown 09/22/2022
jolders Spain Unknown Pre-Seed Unknown 09/22/2022
Binocs India $4M Seed Arkam Ventures 09/21/2022
dltledgers Singapore $8.5M Series B Centrum Capital 09/21/2022
Messari United States $35M Series B BH Digital 09/21/2022
RKVST United States $7.5M Series A Ridgeline Partners 09/21/2022
Immortal Game France $16M Series A TCG Crypto 09/21/2022
NIFTY Souq $1.5M Seed Unknown 09/21/2022
Sintra United States $2M Seed Lemniscap 09/21/2022
Headquarters Singapore $5M Pre-Seed Capital 09/21/2022
Sardine United States $51.5M Series B Andreessen Horowitz 09/20/2022
thirdweb United States $26K Funding Round BLOCKPAY 09/20/2022
Tres Tel Aviv $7.6M Seed Boldstart Ventures 09/20/2022
ViajaClick Mexico $200K Seed Unknown 09/20/2022
Yellow Card United States $40M Series B Polychain 09/19/2022
ELYT $8M Seed Finberg 09/19/2022
GRN GRID Switzerland $50M Venture - Series Unknown GEM Digital Ltd. 09/19/2022
LootMogul United States $200M Venture - Series Unknown The Global Emerging Markets Group 09/16/2022
jolders Spain Unknown Pre-Seed Unknown 09/16/2022
Portofino Technologies Switzerland $50M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 09/15/2022
Aptos United States Unknown Venture - Series Unknown Binance Labs 09/15/2022
Inery Singapore Unknown Venture - Series Unknown Metavest Capital 09/15/2022
CYBERA United States $5M Seed New North Ventures 09/15/2022
Swarmio Media Canada $1M Post-IPO Debt Apelby Investments 09/15/2022
Oragon Indonesia Unknown Angel Unknown 09/15/2022
Telescope Metanalytics United Kingdom $2M Pre-Seed Griffin Gaming Partners 09/15/2022
Arpeggi United States $5.1M Seed Andreessen Horowitz 09/14/2022
Diamond Standard United States $30M Series A Horizon Kinetics LLC 09/14/2022
Reku Indonesia $11M Series A AC Ventures 09/14/2022
Thirdwave $7M Seed Framework Ventures 09/14/2022
Sherlock $4M Seed Archetype 09/14/2022
BovineVerse South Korea $5M Venture - Series Unknown Polygon Studios 09/14/2022
InnoChain Data China Unknown Series A Innohub Capital 09/14/2022
Lido Cayman Islands $24M Venture - Series Unknown Dragonfly Capital 09/14/2022
Doodles Canada $54M Series A Seven Seven Six 09/13/2022
Synquote United States $2.8M Seed Initialized Capital 09/13/2022
Onmeta India $1.5M Seed Skycatcher 09/13/2022
NetQub United States $2.3M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 09/13/2022
Mysten Labs United States $300M Series B FTX Ventures 09/08/2022
Slide United States $12.5M Seed Framework Ventures 09/08/2022
Omni United States $11M Series A Unknown 09/08/2022
Community Labs United States $30M Series A Lightspeed Venture Partners 09/08/2022
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