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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date
Turnkey $7.5M Seed Coinbase Ventures 03/22/2023
Nitrility United States $50K Pre-Seed Anush Amin 03/22/2023
Metatime Turkey $11M Seed Halkbank 03/21/2023
carbonABLE France $1.2M Seed Ethereal Ventures 03/21/2023
Contango Digital Assets Canada $125K Pre-Seed Web3 Ventures 03/20/2023
Dynasty Studios Denmark $55K Seed Web3 Ventures 03/20/2023
Passion Punch Turkey $4M Seed Colendi 03/20/2023
Ejara France $1.2M Seed Alchemix 03/20/2023
RenQ Finance $2.3M Pre-Seed 03/16/2023
Smooth Labs Singapore $2M Seed ArkStream Capital 03/16/2023
ShowMeta $840K Seed Unknown 03/16/2023
GigaStar United States $4.8M Seed Belvedere Strategic Capital 03/16/2023
Foresight News Singapore $2M Seed Arcane Group 03/16/2023
ChainsAtlas Unknown Pre-Seed Tenity 03/16/2023
Cnhc Singapore $10M Seed Circle Ventures 03/15/2023
Staging Labs United States $1.1M Pre-Seed AGBuild 03/15/2023
jolders Spain Unknwn Pre-Seed Unknown 03/15/2023
Nuqtah NFT Saudi Arabia Unknown Seed Animoca Brands 03/14/2023
Cashlink Germany Unknown Series A BM H Beteiligungs-Managementgesellschaft Hessen 03/14/2023
Gaspack Indonesia Unknown Pre-Seed 500 Global 03/14/2023 Amsterdam Unknown Pre-Seed Tenity 03/14/2023
Jungle Brazil $6M Seed 32bit Ventures 03/13/2023
The Crypto Mom United States $120K Seed Techstars 03/13/2023
BFMeta 0 Seed Goldman Sachs 03/13/2023
Self United States $400K Pre-Seed Unknown 03/13/2023
Blumer Columbia $5M Seed Don Stockwell 03/12/2023
ECSA Brazil $3M Pre-Seed Arca 03/10/2023
Checkmate Live Abu Dhabi Unknown Series A Unknown 03/10/2023
Maintract Stockholm $601K Seed Knut Frängsmyr 03/09/2023
Proven United States $15.8M Seed Ada Yeo 03/09/2023
The GrowHub Innovations Singapore #3M Series B Lester Chan 03/09/2023
Lithium United Kingdom Unknown Pre-Seed Fuel Ventures 03/09/2023
Tonstarter $1.5M Seed Baboon.VC 03/08/2023
BIKA Switzerland $10M Series A Bank Champs 03/08/2023
aisot Switzerland $1.95M Seed Haute Capital 03/07/2023
nealthy Dubai $1.3M Unknown 02/07/2023
Coresky $6M Pre-Seed Unknown 03/07/2023
Divly Stockholm $400K Pre-Seed DHS Venture Partners 03/06/2023
DX25 Labs $750K Seed Unknown 03/06/2023
insrt finance United States $2.2M Pre-Seed Hamzah Khan 03/03/2023
Airavat India $165K Pre-Seed Unknown 03/02/2023
VitalXP United States $3M Pre-Seed Marbruck 03/02/2023
Metrika United States $4M Series A M12 - Microsoft's Venture Fund 03/02/2023
Helika Canada $4M Seed Big Brain Holdings 03/01/2023
Redeem $2.5M Pre-Seed CMT Digital Ventures 03/01/2023
XBOOKS United Kingdom $510K Pre-Seed NexumStp 03/01/2023
Gosleep United States $2M Pre-Seed Encryptus Capital 03/01/2023
FLUUS Marshall Islands $600K Pre-Seed Encryptus Capital 03/01/2023
Velocity Access United States $5M Seed Unknown 03/01/2023
METARIVER Bahamas Unknown Seed Unknown 03/01/2023
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