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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date
qiibee Switzerland $4.8M Seed Z5 Capital 07/05/2022
KoinX $1.5M Seed 07/05/2022
TeraWulf United States $50M Debt Financing Unknown 07/05/2022
AltLayer Singapore $7.2M Seed Breyer Capital 07/04/2022
Land of Conquest Unknown Venture - Series Unknown Huobi Ventures 07/04/2022
BKN301 San Marino $20M Series A Unknown 07/01/2022
Carma Community Unknown Pre-Seed Unknown 07/01/2022
NFT Brands United States $2.5M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 07/01/2022
Magic Square Cyprus $3M Seed Binance Labs 07/01/2022
Crypto Colo Center United States $1M Debt Financing Unknown 07/01/2022
Seso Global United Kingdom Unknown Seed Unknown 07/01/2022
MoHash $6M Seed Quona Capital 06/30/2022
Monaverse $14.6M Series A Archetype 06/30/2022
Blockchain Integration Technologies United Kingdom Unknown Seed Unknown 06/30/2022
FILIPAY Philippines Unknown Seed Unknown 06/30/2022
KYVE $9M Venture - Series Unknown Distributed Global 06/30/2022
Soba Germany $13.5M Seed Lightspeed Venture Partners 06/29/2022
League of Traders South Korea $2.4M Seed Unknown 06/29/2022
UpYo United States $1M Seed Unknown 06/29/2022
Circulor United Kingdom $24.8M Series B The Westly Group 06/28/2022
Kaiko France $53M Series B Eight Roads Ventures 06/28/2022
Project Twelve $8M Seed Unknown 06/28/2022
peaq Germany $6M Seed Fundamental Labs 06/28/2022
PolySign United States $25M Debt Financing Boathouse Capital 06/28/2022
R Planet $5M Pre-Seed Unknown 06/28/2022
FalconX United States $150M Series D B Capital Group 06/22/2022
SithSwap 2.65M Seed Lemniscap 06/22/2022
Prime Trust United States $100M Series B FIS 06/22/2022
DigiShares Denmark Unknown Grant Polymesh Association 06/22/2022
Lotus Capital Vietnam Unknown Seed Unknown 06/22/2022
Magic Eden United States $130M Series B Electric Capital 06/21/2022
BlockFi United States $250M Debt Financing FTX Exchange 06/21/2022
Neol United Kingdom $5.2M Seed Global Ventures 06/21/2022
8XR United Kingdom $820K Pre-Seed Unknown 06/21/2022
Immutable Australia $500M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 06/21/2022
POSaBIT United States $3.6M Post-IPO Equity Unknown 06/21/2022
U. K. Financial United Kingdom $200M Debt Financing Trustfinco 06/20/2022
Snickerdoodle Labs United States $100K Grant LG Nova 06/20/2022
Fractional Finance $480K Pre-Seed Unknown 06/20/2022
Fractional Finance $20K Grant SMU Entrepreneurship Centre 06/20/2022
Afropolitan United States $2.1M Pre-Seed Unknown 06/20/2022
Ecowatt Energy Ireland $110M Initial Coin Offering The Global Emerging Markets Group 06/20/2022
Voyager United States $200M Post-IPO Debt Alameda Research 06/17/2022
Bunkyr United States $1M Pre-Seed Unknown 06/16/2022
cwallet $875K Seed MBK Holding 06/15/2022
Molecule Germany $13M Seed Northpond Ventures 06/15/2022
monumental France Unknown Pre-Seed Unknown 06/15/2022
DAOLens India $5M Pre-Seed better ventures 06/15/2022
Nume Crypto $1.99M Pre-Seed Sequoia Capital India 06/14/2022
Zeeve 0 $2.6M Unknown 06/14/2022
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