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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date
Golden United States $40M Series B a16z Cultural Leadership Fund 10/03/2022
METAV.RS France $4M Seed 50 Partners 10/03/2022
Juno Singapore $18M Series A 6th Man Ventures 10/01/2022
Exponential DeFi United States Unknown Seed Omar Darwazah 10/03/2022
Rodeo United States Unknown Pre-Seed Atypical Ventures 10/01/2022
Versify Labs United States Unknown Seed Unknown 10/01/2022
YAS Digital Limited Hong Kong $4.5M Seed 09/30/2022
Finteum United Kingdom $1.44M Seed SuperSeed Ventures 09/30/2022 Unknown Pre-Seed Unknown 09/30/2022
FairFi Unknown Seed Unknown 09/30/2022
Minteo $4.3M Seed Alliance DAO 09/29/2022
AIKON United States $10M Series A 09/29/2022
AQUA $10M Seed DIGITAL 09/28/2022
Re United States $14M Seed 09/28/2022
GEIA United Kingdom Unknown Seed Unknown 09/28/2022
Eclipse $6M Pre-Seed Accel 09/27/2022
MPCH Labs United Kingdom $40M Series A Animoca Brands 09/27/2022
Eclipse $9M Seed CoinList 09/27/2022
Bitquery United States $8.5M Seed Binance Labs 09/27/2022
Harpie United States $4.5M Seed Coinbase Ventures 09/27/2022
Glass $5M Seed 1kx 09/27/2022
Tokenplace United Kingdom Unknown Series A Unknown 09/26/2022
Candle Labs United States $48M Seed Unknown 09/25/2022
PurpleCats Brazil Unknown Pre-Seed Unknown 09/25/2022
Animick India Unknown Pre-Seed Unknown 09/25/2022
TwitterScan United States $4.5M Seed 7updao 09/23/2022
Nobank Labs Switzerland Unknown Seed Plug and Play 09/23/2022
Nibiru United States $7.5M Seed Kraken 09/23/2022
Immunefi Singapore $24M Series A Framework Ventures 09/22/2022
3Commas Canada $37M Series B Alameda Research 09/22/2022
Hyperlane United States $18.5M Seed Variant 09/22/2022
Lit Protocol United States $13M Series A 1kx 09/22/2022
CHAMPtitles United States $12.9M Series B unknown 09/22/2022
ParallelChain Lab $50M Initial Coin Offering GEM Digital Ltd. 09/22/2022
Skip United States $6.5M Seed Bain Capital Crypto 09/22/2022
NFT Tech Canada $1.4M Post-IPO Equity Unknown 09/22/2022
R Planet Canada Unknown Pre-Seed Unknown 09/22/2022
jolders Spain Unknown Pre-Seed Unknown 09/22/2022
Binocs India $4M Seed Arkam Ventures 09/21/2022
dltledgers Singapore $8.5M Series B Centrum Capital 09/21/2022
Messari United States $35M Series B BH Digital 09/21/2022
RKVST United States $7.5M Series A Ridgeline Partners 09/21/2022
Immortal Game France $16M Series A TCG Crypto 09/21/2022
NIFTY Souq $1.5M Seed Unknown 09/21/2022
Sintra United States $2M Seed Lemniscap 09/21/2022
Headquarters Singapore $5M Pre-Seed Capital 09/21/2022
Sardine United States $51.5M Series B Andreessen Horowitz 09/20/2022
thirdweb United States $26K Funding Round BLOCKPAY 09/20/2022
Tres Tel Aviv $7.6M Seed Boldstart Ventures 09/20/2022
ViajaClick Mexico $200K Seed Unknown 09/20/2022
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