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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date
Mercury United States $7.5M Seed BH Digital 10/20/2022
TransCrypts United States $2.2M Pre-Seed Alumni Ventures 10/20/2022
Notus Turkey Unknown Pre-Seed Unknown 10/20/2022
Ivorypay Nigeria Unknown Pre-Seed Unknown 10/20/2022
Arcade2earn United States $3.2M Seed AlphaCrypto Capital 10/19/2022 Unknown Seed MH Ventures 10/19/2022
Shardeum Switzerland $24.7M Seed Ajeet Khurana 10/18/2022
ChainSafe Systems Canada $18.7M Series A ConsenSys Mesh 10/18/2022
Celestia 0 $55M Series A Bain Capital Crypto 10/18/2022
Otonomi United States $3.3M Seed Altari Ventures 10/18/2022
Web3 Builders United States $7M Seed ACME 10/18/2022
Pinktada United States $975K Seed Selenean Capital 10/18/2022
Stardust United States $30M Series A Acrew Capital 10/18/2022
Volare Finance United States Unknown Seed Arrington XRP Capital 10/18/2022
Maplerad Nigeria $6M Seed Armyn Capital 10/17/2022
Passiv Canada $2.1M Seed East Valley Ventures 10/17/2022
yoloyolo United States $3.5M Seed Avalancha Ventures 10/17/2022
Bizverse Singapore $4.5M Seed Amazon Web Services 10/14/2022
Pine Street Labs United States $6M Seed BECO Capital 10/14/2022
StandardC United States $4.7M Series A Hard Yaka 10/14/2022
Uniswap United States $165M Series B a16z crypto 10/13/2022
Pillow Singapore $18M Series A Accel 10/13/2022
Tatum United Kingdom $41.5M Series A 3VC 10/12/2022
Nxyz United States $40M Series A Balaji Srinivasan 10/12/2022
Capsule Corp. Labs $4.7M Seed Digital Finance Group (DFG) 10/12/2022
Zerion United States $12.3M Series B Alchemy Ventures 10/11/2022
Rye United States $14M Seed a16z crypto 10/11/2022
Moon Mortgage United States $3.5M Seed Cadenza Ventures 10/11/2022
Mozaic United States $400K Seed Unknown 10/11/2022
Coinme United States $772K Seed Unknown 10/11/2022
FANtium $2.6M Pre-Seed Anand Agarawala 10/11/2022
Derisk United States $1M Pre-Seed Lombardstreet Ventures 10/11/2022
MakerDojo $1.5M Pre-Seed Jan Leeman 10/11/2022
Mineplex Singapore $100M Series C GEM Digital Ltd. 10/11/2022
SettleMint Belgium $15.5M Series A Allusion 10/11/2022
Arch United States $5M Seed devlabs 10/10/2022
Pinoy Teleserye Singapore $4M Seed Dragonfly 10/10/2022
Royiva Turkey Unknown Seed Unknown 10/08/2022
Normal United States $240K Pre-Seed Accel 10/07/2022
zebrapass Germany $46K Pre-Seed Bosch 10/07/2022
SushiSwap Japan $5.3M Seed GoldenTree Asset Management 10/06/2022
xalts Hong Kong $6M Seed Accel 10/06/2022
Scale3 Labs United States %5.3M Seed Howard University 10/06/2022
MINTangible United States Unknown Seed Virginia Venture Partners 10/06/2022
CoinBeam United States Unknown Pre-Seed Jones Day 10/06/2022
Matterverse Canada $650K Seed LD Capital 10/06/2022
Horizon Blockchain Games Canada $40M Series A Aleksander Leonard Larsen 10/04/2022
Lasso Labs United States $4.2M Seed 0x 650d 10/04/2022
4Bytes Vietnam $10K Pre-Seed Unknown 10/04/2022
Exponential DeFi United States $14M Seed A* Capital 10/03/2022
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