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Logo Company Country Funding (USD) Funding Type Lead Investor Completion Date
Cassava Network Unknown Seed Adaverse 05/31/2022
MeMusic $1.1M Seed Unknown 05/30/2022
Quint Dubai $25M Corporate Round Galaxy Racer 05/30/2022
Merge United Kingdom $9.5M Seed Octopus Ventures 05/30/2022
First Digital Trust Hong Kong $20M Series A Unknown 05/30/2022
Krypto Ledgers Santiago Unknown Angel devlabs 05/30/2022
Decentral Games United States $1M Grant Decentraland 05/27/2022
Tiki $100K Angel Platanus Ventures 05/27/2022
aisot Switzerland Unknown Non-equity Assistance F10 15/27/2022
Wallstate $100K Angel Platanus Ventures 05/27/2022
GuardStrike China Unknown Seed Unknown 05/26/2022
Frontrunner United States $3.6M Seed Unknown 05/26/2022
Babel Finance Hong Kong $80M Series B 10T Holdings 05/25/2022
StarkWare Industries Israel $100M Series D Coatue 05/25/2022
Tamago $1M Seed Unknown 05/25/2022
Coinmarketpedia Dubai $2M Pre-Seed Unknown 05/25/2022
Moeco United States $250K Seed Unknown 05/25/2022
FlexID Zimbabwe Unknown Grant Algorand Foundation 05/25/2022
Chain4Travel Nordrhein-Westfalen $5.7M Seed Unknown 05/25/2022
ZenLedger United States $15M Series B ParaFi Capital 05/25/2022
Commonwealth Labs United States $20M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 05/25/2022
Stan India $2.4M Seed General Catalyst 05/25/2022
ADDX Singapore $58M Series B Stock Exchange of Thailand 05/24/2022
Cinder IO Unknown Series A Animoca Brands 05/24/2022
PlatinX Technology $5M Seed Unknown 05/24/2022
Ocean Protocol Singapore $5M Seed Cypher Capital 05/23/2022
Pebble $6.2M Seed Unknown 05/23/2022
Element Black $1.6M Angel Unknown 05/23/2022
IRACEMETA.IO Indonesia $200KI Funding Round Unknown 05/22/2022
Heirlume Canada $2.2M Seed The W Fund 05/20/2022
UnicornDAO United States $4.5M Seed Unknown 05/20/2022
Azra Games United States $15M Seed Andreessen Horowitz 05/19/2022 $6.5M Seed Maven 11 Capital 05/19/2022
Saga $6.5M Seed Unknown 0519/2022
SingularityNET Holland $32M Venture - Series Unknown LDA Capital 05/19/2022
Energi Core United States $50M Venture - Series Unknown The Global Emerging Markets Group 05/19/2022
Encode Club United Kingdom $5M Seed Galaxy Digital 05/18/2022
BitKeep $15M Sereies A Dragonfly Capital Management 05/18/2022
Security Token Group United States $3M Series A Blue Bay Ventures 05/18/2022
N3TWORK Studios United States $46M Series A Griffin Gaming Partners 05/18/2022
Tally Labs $12M Seed a16z crypto 05/18/2022
NodeReal Singapore $16M Series A Sky9 Capital 05/18/2022
FreshCut United States $15M Funding Round Animoca Brands 05/18/2022
Freeflow Unknown Seed Unknown 05/18/2022
Algoracle Switzerland $1.5M Seed Borderless Capital 05/18/2022
Coinshift United States $15M Series A Jump Crypto 05/17/2022
Enry's Island Italy $21.4M Private Equity LDA Capital 05/17/2022
Forward Thailand Unknown Seed Zipmex 05/17/2022
Parcl United States $7.5M Venture - Series Unknown Unknown 05/17/2022
Enry's Island Italy $21M Private Equity LDA Capital 05/17/2022
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